6 Causes Of Sudden Weight Loss in Dogs

sudden weight loss in dogsGetting your dog to eat enough or to stop eating so much, can be a tricky situation. Obesity carries many health risks and making sure your dog is on the correct diet can benefit several areas of his or her life. But, what about if your dog seems to be losing weight? Sudden weight loss in dogs can signal that something is wrong or it may just be because they are running more and eating less. If your dog loses more than 10% of his or her total body weight, this should be a cause for concern. As with most bodily changes in your pets, you’ll want to be aware of weight loss. To help you identify any potential issues we’ve outlined six causes of sudden weight loss in dogs.


1. Thyroid problems

  • Just like in humans, dogs can experience hormonal imbalance if they are experiencing thyroid problems. This can manifest itself as rapid metabolism and result in extreme weight loss. Thyroid problems can be easily managed once they are detected.

2. Diabetes

  • Diabetes is characterized by insulin deficiency, also known as the body’s inability to absorb sugar from the blood. Diabetes normally causes dogs to have an increased appetite, but they will still lose weight. Diabetes can develop because of genetic or weight factors and is often seen in senior dogs.

3. Anxiety

  • Many times dogs experience nervousness or anxiety which causes a lack of appetite. If they are not comfortable in their environment, they may not feel safe enough to eat.

4. Tapeworm or other parasites

  • A dog with parasites can experience sudden and rapid weight loss. For example, a tapeworm lives in a dog’s intestines and consumes the food eaten by the dog. The dog is then deprived of nutrients and becomes extremely thin.

5. Liver Disease

  • The liver provides the dog’s body with essential carbs and sugars. If the dog is suffering from liver disease, the liver will not be able to provide these crucial nutrients. The body will then start to consume fat deposits and muscle tissues to replace these nutrients.

6. Dental problems

  • If your dog has a dental abscess it will be uncomfortable for him to eat. He may lose weight from lack of eating. The veterinarian will need to administer antibiotics and see if there is a tooth that needs to be removed.

As your dogs age, you may notice physical and mental changes in their behavior. We recommend you stay mindful of any changes that may occur, especially those that include sudden weight loss. Now that you know what may cause these changes, you can play an even more important role in the life of your pet.



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  1. I’ d like to know about what to do about my senior dogs and what to expect with regards to diet, etc.

    1. Dogs are actually supposed to only eat meat. Dogs are nothing but carnivals. Their digestive system is only for digesting meat. Raw meat. And bones but it is never good to feed cooked bones to dogs because they shard off rather than shatter. Dog food is mostly based upon fillers and vegetables and that is not good for dogs. When they say never feed dogs human food is because they put poisonous chemicals in our foods. Even in city tap water. Look it all up and then make your decision on it.

      1. Nathan, wtf? Dogs are not obligate carnivores (like cats are). In fact, most vets recommend for sick dogs a diet of cooked boneless/skinless chicken breast and unseasoned plain cooked white rice. I have HEARD vets say this. So all that only raw meat stuff is nonsense. Don’t feed dogs raw meat- they are just as susceptible to the illnesses found in raw meat as humans are.

        Dogs can also enjoy a wide range foods that are safe for them. Carrots, peas, some grains, other proteins like fish and eggs, other vegetables, etc. Obviously, dog food is made FOR dogs when it includes ingredients like those. It’s incredibly dumb to assume they would make their products with things that dogs can’t eat . . . they aren’t going to make a lot of money doing that.

        Also, a lot of websites and vets say to just not give dogs bones at all. Even raw bones can splinter and injure teeth and gums and shards can find their way into stomachs and intestines. Domesticated dogs aren’t wolves. They shouldn’t eat like wolves for a reason.

        Also, they shouldn’t eat human food because it’s high in fat, sugar, and salt- things dogs don’t need. Not because they put “poisonous chemicals” in it. (They?) You are obviously coo-coo crazy banana-pants anyway, but just in case someone on the edge came by and say your ramblings of an insane person, I wanted to make sure a counterpoint was offered by someone who is not an idiot/nutbag.

        1. There’s a lot of research that indicates a raw food diet – raw meat and veggies – is really good for dogs. I’ve done it off and on for several years and know many people who have. Check out “Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs” by Ted Kerasote. It’s really eye-opening to what our dogs consumes and how it affects them through in-depth research, anecdotal stories, and debatable observations.

        2. You have to educate yourself. My Pomeranian has been on Primal Raw and her health is excellent
          Clearly, You don’t understand the Darkside of veterinary medicine maybe start reading about what vets will tell you and why they say it I had a vet try to put my Pomeranian on Royal Canine the first ingredient was brewers rice this was supposed to clear up crystals she had when she was a puppy
          I chose to put her on a raw diet ,it got rid of the infection and she hasn’t had a reoccurrence
          Don’t school people on the raw diet when you don’t know enough about it.

        3. Thank you for setting that straight. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I have a pit and my vet said no bones ever cooked or otherwise. My dogs only get dog food and have done fine on it my youngest one is 11 so I don’t think the dog food will kill them. The stuff he was saying is just absolutely ridiculous and wrong in so many ways. He needs to really talk to a vet. Again thank you for your reply it will help people understand more about what to feed and not feed their dog.

        4. All my dogs eat raw dog food. It has been very beneficial.
          One of my dogs, on commercial dog food suffered all the time with her stomach. Not the case with raw food.
          I personally would never go back to commercial food.
          Just my opinion.

      2. Maybe back when dogs were wild but, their domesticated pets now and not all dogs respond to or are supplemented by a raw meat diet.
        BTW It’s carnivore not carnival.

        1. OMG…thank u got correctly saying that word … carnivore! That was driving me bonkers. Ok say I’ve had my big bad american pit for almost four yrs now and I’ve always felt like he was lonely so I had been on a hunt to find him a mate (another pit) without luck just about given up wen a friend of my hubby’s came over 1 nite trying to get rid of this “one of the no actually THE most beautiful I’d ever seen ) boxer girl I was hesitant but we took her in cause I was afraid for her safety with that dummy, anyway, first let me say she is a total diva, spoiled rotten by her original owner n kept nside. Well I have an apt with a huge yard and ya no she was to big to b nside so I weaned her by giving her a few days with half nside n half out. With King of course it is his yard. Well she acted so stuck up at first and oh I forgot they warned me she want the all amazing escape artist too. And oh boy was she no my king had never attempted Escape who is the most obedient carrying did whatever mama said to do dog ever Here Comes lady that’s the boxer no he can’t be bothered by anything she’s all he sees he follows her when she runs away you should see me my husband running after two big as dogs trying to bring them home it’s really hilarious but anyway we fix everything that you could possibly get out of so there are together there in the yard they haven’t got out again but I notice all of a sudden that my kingy poo, has started to dramatically lose weight his bones are showing I’m freaking out I can’t live without this dog here’s my whole life I need to know if anybody has had a similar situation if so what to do I’ve been told that maybe he’s been bit by the Love Bug and just lost his appetite or maybe she’s being a bully and eating his food so I have stayed out there with them to make sure he does eat. he does eat! But seems to be still losing weight. Now she’s pregnant and is being a lot better, but this is all for nothing if I lose my baby King. I’ll b unconsolable. M I know I’ll want nothing to do with any other animal. So plz if someone can help answer this plz do I can not afford a vet so I’m praying it’s because it’s still a bit hot here n texas n im thinking it could be that to even tho it’s never affected him b4 he is getting older so anyway plz help…..

          1. Take your dog to the vet as soon as, you shouldn’t have pets if you can’t afford vet bills.

          2. Hi I am experiencing the same problem as you I am wondering if you did get help plz share I am worried

      3. Nathan, great point. My dogs were having loads of health issues. I started doing my own research and it became very clear that (much like in our own food and health industry) we are poisoning ourselves AND our pets regulalary. It’s turned into a business geared towards profit. The vets overmedicate. The big food companies ARE filled with fillers and crap. Do you know that heart guard gives monetary incentives to vets who sell their prodcut. Wouldn’t you call that unethical? This is what the food and health industry has turned into! My dogs have been having a ton of issues and the vets kept prescribing more and more medicine but were never actually fixing the problem. I started looking to outside resources and found, as Nathan suggested, that dogs should be on a raw diet. We switched them to Primal (which is freeze dried and can be picked up at your local pet store) and have seen their health improve tremendously already. One of my dog’s was taking apoquel for her allergies daily and they were only getting worse. The vet said to also use Benadryl at night and gave us a chemical filled shampoo. That’s when I had enough and looked into more of an all natural route. The raw food diet has worked wonders! We haven’t had to give my girl her pill at all where before she was taking it daily. What I do find scary is that people are so blind to the fact that we DO need to educate ourselves on where our and our pet’s food is coming from, as well as the effect on our and their bodies. The same goes for prescription medicine. You can’t rely solely on the FDA, doctors, and vets to be making the best choices for you. They only know what they’re taught, but who choices what they’re taught. Big Pet Food companies such as Purina donate money to veterinarian schools, this having an influence on what is taught to the vets. Again – unethical. It’s absolutely alarming that people are in denial of this and think people who actually educate themselves and do their own research are crazy as opposed to the people who follow the main stream and allow themselves to be influenced by what they’re TOLD to do. Professionals don’t always have the answers guys, and sometimes they the wrong ones! They’re human. They do not know it all. But please do not judge someone and call them crazy because they are educating themselves and forming their own opinion. If anything it’s crazy not to do that!

      4. .. Check out “Pet vet corner” on Facebook. Ran by all vets and thy are extremely helpful…. Just to add something else . . . White rice isn’t good for them and dry dog foods contain Shit I wouldn’t even eat. Especially wheat grains . They should ( IF it is possible and affordable ) eat boiled chicken or the gizzards inside a turkey. … Also if u can I suggest freeze dried meat or organic veggies ..

      5. Nathan… How do I put this nicely ?…. stop commenting. You are completely WRONG and should not try to help anyone. Also, you should probably not own pets.

      6. I agree, we have 4 dogs all on raw food only, also other family & friends doing the same.
        Our dogs health improved greatly after switching.

    1. That’s what I’m looking for. The vet gave our lab a dewormer. Within 3 weeks he looks emaciated! I don’t see worms in his stool, and nothing has changed with his diet or activity levels! I’m beyond frustrated.

      1. Hello @Nicole,
        My vet gave also recently gave our 6 weeks old Boerboel a dewormer. Within 3 weeks he looks really emaciated! (leg wobbly, ribcage showing with shrunken hips). Nothing has also changed with his diet or activity levels! I’m beyond frustrated just like you. Were you able to find a solution or can anyone else out there help?

        1. After deworming your most people never clean up their dogs mess straight away it’s a common mistake. Or even change there beding and if in a kennel that most also be cleans. Any contaminated areas in which the dog has been will most likely cause the dog to catch the tapeworm again. I’m not judging, it’s a mistake I have made

      2. Hi.
        Did you ever find out what was wrong with your lab? The same thing is happening to mine and I’m lost. I’ve tried everything

      3. Nicole that happened to my dog and a blood test results came back showing that her liver enzymes are high do you find out about your dog health problem?

    2. My dog lost 20 lbs. Going to Drs scene July now vet says a tumor on his adrenaline gland. Wants to operate 50 50 chance. What do I do?

      1. 10yr old mix lap recently started losing weignt eat very well his eyes are wet with junk his pooh is clean no worms still active looks like he aged a little his ribs are beginning to show. i started giving his yogurt today i feel so sad and worry because i can’t afford a vet.

        1. its like yr dogs is surfering frm pavo virus,, use a bleachin agent to clean its sorundings for atleast a week, while u consult a vet

        2. My 6 month old male Rottweiler is doing the exact thing…we are at a lose as to what to do. We’ve offered him different foods and he eat a bit or two then stop. Did you ever find out your dogs issue?

    3. 10yr old mix lap recently started losing weignt eat very well his eyes are wet with junk his pooh is clean no worms still active looks like he aged a little his ribs are beginning to show. i started giving his yogurt today i feel so sad and worry because i can’t afford a vet.

  2. My 1 yr old is not eating regularly. He lost weight looks real thin. Just seen mucus in his soft stool. What is going on?

    1. The loose stool and mucus is coccidia. Go to vet and get some Albon. .he might have a combination of Giardia and coccidia. Get Albon for the coccidia and Metronidazol for the Giarrdia.
      Treatment is 5 to 10 days

  3. Hi I have a rottweiler, he has been loosing weight which I have noticed quite rapidly within the last week .
    He is on 4 wet tins of dog food a day , I’m now wondering weather that could be the case because I have not been mixing biscuits with it for around a month now .
    Would like to know what a rottweiler should be eating , if anyone could help that would be great . Thanks

    1. Go to the Vet, has his water intake increased dramatically? I had a rottie the same thing happened and it was Diabetes…

      Also you are feeding him too much…

    2. Hiya, Look at Royal Canin Rottweiler biscuits – I get mine from Bitiva very reasonable and quick service. They are specially formulated for Rotties. Just wet food isn’t a good idea sadly with Rotts as they need more. Bringing up animals is just as if not more than stressful than kids so I can so sympathise. also, like kids, they all have their likes and dislikes though Rotties are just pigs so you shouldn’t have any trouble changing. Look at Royal Canin website too. Ask them if you need to ask more – very helpful. I would slowly introduce the biscuits per day and if your dog is over 2, just feed once a day between a large measure (Royal Canin will guide you) and bit more or less depending on how they react and mix with just a couple of spoons of the wet. Hope you get on ok

    3. I have a blue Pit and she eats like crazy..like all day never get fullbut losing weight doe…so i been gave her worm meds but nothn

      1. I have a Yorkie, he eats soft dog 2 times a day,but is losing so much weight his bones are showing. I’m worried sick.

      2. I’m having the same issue with my bullie. She’s always hungry and eats a lot but can’t seem to gain weight. She dropped about 20 pounds in a month and has been at the same weight since. I’ve tried deworming meds and feeding her vet approved human foods but nothing. Have you found anything that works yet?

      3. I have a female blue pit rapid weight loss have wormed also. Waiting on husbands settlement before can afford vet visit. Any suggestions? As wormer hasnt worked. She eats very well but does drink lots more than my mother puts. I’m thinking possibly diabetes??

  4. 10 yr old rat terrier recently had issues w balance and tilted head. Finished anti biotic and steroids. Better balance and head straight end out, but dropping lots of weight. Eating, happy and no signs of fatigue or pain. Just dropping weight and always hungry.

    1. Hi Melissa. It sounds like the medication took care of the balance issues and tilted head. We can certainly understand the concern about the weight issue. We recommend bringing these concerns to a trusted vet. Based on your description, it sounds like there may be something else that needs to be addressed. -AW

    2. Melissa same thing happened with my male…vet diagnosed with vestibular disease but now we don’t know what’s causing the increased appetite and weight loss. Did you get any answers? Thanks!

  5. My 7 year old dog has been lethargic and loosing weight for about a week now.. She also experiencing diarrhea..Im super worried because she’s very thin now. She eats,drink and walks but she is not as ok as before. ?

  6. My 1 yr old lab is losing weight rapidly and won’t eat anything. the vet gave him pills to take thinks it might be parasites but have not seen any in his stool today. today was the first day he had a bowel movement due. won’t even eat boiled chicken vet recommended.

    1. So sorry to hear! Based on what you described, we cannot say for sure that Flexpet would be the best remedy for what your dog needs. We advise to continue to consult with your vet on this one, as with a 1 year old and what you described, this does not appear to be a joint related issue that we can help with.

  7. Hi I have a jack Russell she is ten yrs old she has lost so much weight and I am worried about her she is still very happy plays but she is drinking water a lot more than usual she also savages but the vet sis the tablets she on would make her anyway. She is rapidly losing weight thank you

  8. My 4 year old minature cockapoo is experiencing nervousness or anxiety which causes a lack of appetite. When I leave for work each morning, she refuses to come to her kennel and when I pick her up and place her there she is shaking by the time I get to the front door she is barking and crying. This only started happening after I had to put our 14 year old border collie down due to cancer, she was in pain and nothing could be done. I got another cockapoo for a companion for her, they get along ok, but the older one has lost a lot of weight. Today I tried mixing canned food with her regular food to get her to eat more, can you think of anything else I can do?

    1. I hope you’ve made headway with this problem – it certainly sounds behavioural. How does your dog feel about the crate/kennel when you’re not going to work? I would work on making it fun, safe, and a happy place. Put toys or food int here when you are home, encourage the dog to sleep there. Save a special Kong toy or similar for only when in the kennel. As for the separation, that could take more time. Once the dog is happier int he kennel, leave for short periods. Come back in straight away to start with, ignoring whining etc. Once the dog is quiet, give calm praise. Repeat ad nauseum, lengthening the time spent out of the room, then house. Your time at home may be severely changed by this tedious routine for a while, but it will be worth it int he end. Work on building a relationship in which your dog trusts you. And never, ever make a big fuss when you come in – it just teaches them that your leaving is something bad. Good luck 🙂

    2. Just lost my furbaby after 13 years and the younger dog is very unhappy-just sleeps and keeps looking for the other baby-she is 9 years old-you need to give her time,she is griefing and needs a little more attention now-God Bless

  9. Our 12 year old Lab has been losing weight and muscle tone – now 23kg (after weight increase) she has now been diagnosed with Liver disease.

  10. Hi. My chihuahua has been overweight for quite awhile due to thyroid. (Not dangerously so however) Recently, she has lost weight rather dramatically and suddenly. I’m now concerned she Mai become too thin. Nothing else has changed. Meds the same, diet and exercise the same. I will get her thyroid checked but she’s never had this happen before. She’s 6. Could it just be thyroid or should i be concerned about a new problem. She acts like she feels fine. Her usual diva self. Lol

    1. So sorry to hear that Deedee. Unfortunately, we really couldn’t say what may be wrong here, and recommend that you talk to your local vet. Glad to hear she’s still a diva though 😉

  11. My 5 year lab/pit dog has lost A LOT of weight over the last month. I took her to thr vern they have b her antibiotics & steroids to increase her appetite but it did not help. She was checked for worms & that came back negative & still is very thin. I feed her 3x a day & still no increase in weight gain. When she does eat she gets really bad snelling gas….I am really worried that the vet missed something 🙁 she eats all her food but walks different & I’m thinking it’s from her weight loss. Her tail bone & ribs are very noticeable 🙁

    1. Hello.

      I have an 8 year old put who has very similar issues. Did you ever find an accurate diagnosis? I understand it’s a very frustrating process. By any chance does your pit swim a lot?

      1. my dog a 8 year old golden suddenly lost a lot of weight, always poor eate, but worse now.. He was on premium grainfree dog food. He started passing very foul gas. the stench was unbearable? No parasites. Any thoughts?

  12. My 2 yr old pit mix was just been diagnosed with ibd. She’s had weight loss and gas too, also diahrea.

  13. My pitbull puppy was roped to a fence when I took him in. He had 2 different types and of rope cutting into his neck, I cut them off, he was eating just fine. Then he got out of our back yard when I put him out to use the restroom, I look for a few minutes, but I had to go to work my husband found. Everything seemed to be ok no Marks on the outside of his body. His eating slowed down and then he started loosing weight and it seems as THOUGH no MATTER what I tried can’t get him to stop getting him looking sucked up can someone please help my Buddyweiser all he does now is lay around and quietly moons

  14. My 15 year old lab mix has begun losing a significant amount of weight the last 2 weeks. I can now see his ribcage and outline of his scull. He acts happy, healthy appetite, drinks water as he always has. His bowel movements seem normal and he’s not urinating any different than normal. He seems healthy except for all this weight loss. Any suggestions on what it could be?

  15. I have a 10 year old Yorkie Maltese and he has been drinking so much water before he go potty and then soon as he comes from potty he drinks a whole bowl each time and has also loss lots of weight I’m scared and worried he had and ear canal ablation surgery in March and before that they kept having to put him on steroids to taken swelling out his ear and antibiotics. He still eat good and bark and play but is disappearing somebody help.
    Mrs. Griffin

    1. Increased water intake with accompanying weight loss might be diabetes. esp. in older dogs. Have your vet order fasting blood sugar test.Increased urination may also be another sign.

  16. Hi my dog seems to be losing weight in the last week or so and I have noticed a kind of shadow along her back where her spindles would stand up when she gets aggressive over food. Tonight I could feel her ribs even tho she is not very thin. This is something I wouldn’t have been able to do before. What could be causing this?

  17. My American bulldog got away from me three months ago and ran into the woods. She was gone for a lil over a month. We found her and she was very thin. It’s been over a month since we found her and she is going down hill fast. She was eating fine at first but gaining no weight. Now it has got to the point she is so weak to eat and can’t even stand up. I’m hand feeding her and bringing her water to her. She is still eating the same amount as always and drinking like normal. The past two days I’ve noticed her legs aren’t working properly and her paws are starting to curve. When we found her I took her to the vet to have her looked over throughly and he found no bites or injuries of any kind. I recently took her to the vet and he doesn’t seemed concerned. I have used this vet for many years and he is very highly recommended around my area. Maybe it’s an American Bulldog disease. Is there any American Bulldog owners here experience anything like this?

    1. Have you been able to figure out what is wrong? My sister’s american bulldog is going through the same symptoms. He hasn’t been out in the woods or anything. Weakness in his legs. Seems neurological. Has lost thirty pounds. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    2. my Lab did this. It may be Lepto there are many strains and if he was in the woods or dirty water he could have come in contact with wild animal waste. He lived another 6 months it attacks the kidneys. they loose control.

  18. I have an older Maltese. That has an infection from her teeth. She also has a heart murmur. She has been on antibodics. They did not seem to help. I feed her science diet prescription ID. I mix it with a probotic and high intake vitamin. She is now losing weight and her hair is coming out. Very thin and frail.

    1. did you find out the problem? My father in law passed not to long ago. He had four little dogs im taking care of now. He has a 12 year old maltese that I used to have to go over there and cut his hair every two months. Before he passed he called me and told me the maltese was loosing his eyesight and also loosing his hair. After he passed I went and got all his animals and was shocked to see how bald Bennie the maltese is. Also I noticed he was really skinny. I started feeding him separate. He eats like a horse. I then went and bought a wormer for hook, round, and tape worms. Does not seem to be helping. he still eats everything in sight but is so skinny and bald. I just do not have alot of money and the vet charges so much. Any ideas? Thank you so much!

  19. I have a 5 year old Lab/Malanois mix who has started to loose weight, I have her on glucosomine for her ACL and fishoil for her coat, she swims in the pool a lot. She has started loosing weight, can it be the medicine or too active ?

  20. I have a 7yr old lab is on medication synthyoid. .6mg twice a day for hypothyroidism the vet took blood work and checked him for everything and everything came back good tan t3 t4 was good with this dose but my dog keeps losing wt his appetite is good always hungry he does a lot like 3 or 4 times a day. Drinks a lot of water also removed a cyst full of blood waiting for results biopsy his blood sugar 103 not fastinh

  21. my 10 year old yorkie is drinking massive amounts of water but losing weight rapidly. She is eating normal and still playful what might it be

    1. Rita,
      That definitely sounds like early onset of diabetes mellitus type 2, adult onset. Drinking and peeing a lot is the first indicators along with your pet becoming lethargic. Look up signs ad symptoms of DM Type 2. You’ll be surprised by how many S&S match up with your pet…….Goodluck!!!

  22. My dog has quite bad colitis – mucus poop, diarrhea or sometimes cloudy gel like with spots of blood, and also puking at the other end. We’ve taken her back and forth to the vet – physical exam, x-ray, blood test, stool test – all show nothing! Vet seems stumped and unable to suggest anything other than diet. I suspected allergic reaction to baytril antibiotics as thinking back this all started when she took a course for an unrelated issue nibbling a wound on her tail, then when we took her back for pooping issue she received yet another antibiotic injection and course!. The poop issue has never stopped (2 months now). Normally rice and eggs or chicken would bind her up within a day or so but that doesn’t work anymore. I’m trying to be consistent and only slowly change one thing at a time – trying to make food easy to digest. Yesterday started trying slippery elm bark supplement. She’s losing a lot of weight which is my main concern, sometimes not touching her food. She seems very subdued and not well. I’m also giving her goats milk to drink to cheer her up and try and at least get some fluids and nutrition into her. Any ideas on what else to try to at least get some nutrition into her?

    1. Try 100% pure canned pumpkin for the diarrhea. Helped my pup for about four hours -helped me sleep. otherwise she had pure liquid diarrhea. No money for vet here. If you have a good vet, get urine checked, sugar checked, thyroid, and get checked for cancer.

  23. My 11 year old rottie mix is losing weight. She has been on antibiotic and ring worm meds for month. Im concerned about the weight loss and the ringworm doesnt seem to be getting better.

  24. I hope your rotty is doing better, unfortunately a common misconception about wet food is that it is enough for a pet to eat. If you look for the affco statement, it might say “to be used as a topper not as a meal” so your pet might not be getting the sufficient amount of nutrients he or she needs. You might be feeding him or her 4 cans a day but if it’s not a meal it is nowhere near what his or her body needs to stay healthy. So you might want to look into that as well. I hope your pup gets better soon.

  25. I got a dog from a woman today. I have 2 othe chihuahua dogs and they are perfect in weight and size. This dog is suppose to be a year old but you can see his backbone and his butt bone. It breaks my heart. She said the vet said he was ok and has had his shots but his weight is concerning. He is active, and is fur looks fine. Was this puppy abused or underfed or should I worry about worms or other diseases. We have only had him about 5 hours. What should I do?

  26. I have a golden retriever that is 11 years old his demeanor is just fine but he keeps losing weight eats food okay but it keeps losing weight you have any suggestions I’m retired on disability so I don’t have a lot of money vet said they might have to do an exploratory on him that would be very expensive THANKS TONY Johnny Manziel

  27. My dog lost weight in 3weeks he’s 3years old and he stop barking but eats good he also poopoo really good but don’t understand the big weight lost and barking.

  28. Pls could u give me some advice my yorkshire terrier has lost a lot of weight in a short time ive wormed her 4 days ago plus she is in season her nose is very wet and she is very active too I am worried thank u

  29. I have a Yorkshire poodle and he is 6 years old and he is still eating and his in take of water is a lot bud he is not his self he is lost some weight could some one tell me what is rong with him

  30. My 12 year old has been losing a lot of weight I have noticed. Took him to the vet had blood work done Sugar’s were good he is shedding a lot. Vet commented that his blood was dark. Said his liver and kidney results were a little off, nothing to worry bout. Stated he has allergies. Suggested change of food. Gave him allergy shot & meds for daily use. AmoxizDex 1cc daily. He’s eating, drinking, peeing, pooping. Sleeps alot. It’s been a week & to me looks like more weight lose. Spine us clearly visible. I’m so worried bout him. Do I just need 2 give meds more time to to work?please can any1 give me advice or direction. May email me with response.
    Very concerned mommie

  31. Our rottweiler was loosing weight come to find out he had the word no one ever wants to hear an that was he had liver cancer it’s the worst.

  32. Sharon, praying for your Rotty! I’m here cause my girl Lexi is losing weight, after reading your post I’m beside myself with emotion. Bless you and your family with strength, comfort and peace.

  33. I changed my dogs’ food one of my dogs refused to eat and in stead increased water consumption to the point of urinating in place and had dropped major weight I am now feeding her wet food but she isn’t putting the weight back on. And still refuses to eat any dry food … I’ve tried 5 different brands even ones she used to like.

  34. I have a year old Great Dane puppy that will simply refuse to eat for a few days. Then like a light switch, he starts to eat with gusto for several days then the switch flips again and he starts eating again. He is about 39 lbs underweight. He is eating raw. His favorite food is ground chicken ground with bones and skin.
    He’ll usually just decide to eat one day and it might last two days it or it might last two weeks!

    Thoughts? Could he have a nervous stomach? Should I offer a prilosec everyday to settle his tummy? Any hel appreciated.

  35. Hi I have a weaten scotty female, she is nou 5 years old, I noticed a drastic weight loss in the last two weeks. She doesn’t have any energy also. She had a “hysterectomy” 4 months ago. I also noticed that her breath is unbearable. Does tapworm make the breath stink, or is it a bad tooth maby? Im realy frustrated, please help.

  36. Hi I have a weaten scotty female, she is nou 5 years old, I noticed a drastic weight loss in the last two weeks. She doesn’t have any energy also. She had a “hysterectomy” 4 months ago. I also noticed that her breath is unbearable. Does tapworm make the breath stink, or is it a bad tooth maby? Im realy frustrated, please help.

  37. my dogs are experiencing sudden weight loss and low appetite. this happens only before 2-3 days before they die. they stop eating and settle down at one place and stop moving. their bones are showing up and hump is made on their back. I have lost my 4 puppies. even vet in our locality is not being able to figure out. can you help please.

  38. My dog is old. But I notice bones showing up on him. His spine and shoulders blades are showing, well fur covers it but I felt it. And his thigh skin is cratering in between his torso and thigh. Could this possibly mean he’s dying. Email me.

  39. My pitbull keeps losing weight I have tries satin balls it did work but then after he gained his weight he lost it all over again. We have tried worming medication and it’s not helping I’m going to try feeding him chicken hart and chicken liver I just hope he wI’ll be okay I’m also going to get him nuderded it may be his hormones out of balance so hopefully I got good results.

  40. what if you had them checked for all that but Cancer, is it possible for them to thin out and stop eating unless its human food??!

  41. I have a poodle that is about 11years old and has lost a lot of weight in the last month she eats good and drinks a lot of water she also has cataracts she goes out side and comes back by herself going to try medicine for tape worms I like the comments thanks everyone

  42. My dog has just got through her period since we haven’t got her spayed and so she is still swollen down there and she was throwing up a lot today but still runs around and she looks a little skinny then she did…. Has anyone seen this happen to their dog and do you have advice for me?

    1. my dog doesn’t eat when she is in heat. she drops alot of weight and it always worries me. she is a big dog with a short life span and this year she dropped weight and I can see her spine. she is senior now and doesn’t have the reserve bulk she used to. I am feeding her raw hamburg mixed with cottage cheese 3 times daily in hopes she will start eating enough. while i was out of state , family tried everything and she just ate enough to stay alive. they tried wet food, people food, everything, but she wont eat when she’s in heat.

  43. Our border terrier has developed colitis and our last terrier had it all her life. She died aged 13 I give 1mil of kaolin and morphine mix. Our old dog got 1 mil twice a day for usuall just one day 2 max and it cleared up yes it keep coming back.But I’m convinced she wouldn’t have lived till 13 otherwise

  44. My dog is losing weight daily and he eat alot but he still losing weight I don’t know what to do can u help

  45. Take your animals to the vet everyone! Please! No one can diagnose your pet over the internet. They can give you tips/advice but in reality if you have any concerns, especially serious concerns, a veterinarian needs to be involved. They have the experience and the education to diagnose your pet properly and give necessary treatment. If your animal was seen by the vet and they are getting worse, call the vet again and get him or her seen for a recheck. If you are not happy with the results then get a second opinion.

    1. Thanks Colby! We can give some helpful advice, and some things to look for, but yes, ultimately you need to take your dog to the vet to get a proper diagnosis – especially when there are serious concerns! Even expert vets need to be able to see the dog and get more details in order to give an accurate diagnosis.

  46. I have a 12 month old Boerboel. UTD on all shots, healthy until last 2 to 3 weeks. Sudden onset of diarrhea, extreme weight loss. He is weak and has no interest in water, eating well. He has extremely watery stools. We were opening our pool, is it possible he could have drank the water with algae? Would that cause these issues?

  47. My 3-4 month old puppy started losing some weight recently all of a sudden it doesn’t look bad and hell start peeing out of nowhere like hell be running around and then all of a sudden pee a little. Idk what that means and vie tried looking up something before I take him to the vet

  48. My daughters dog is 15 yrs. Old. She has lost so much weight. She’s skin and bones. She has me taking care of her. I’m giving her eggs, hot dogs, cheerios, summer sausage and cheese. She won’t eat dog food that why the human food. She throws it up. She’s inside alot..Not sure if she could get worms. She usually tied outside and let back in. Any answers please. Very concerned. My income is limited

  49. my dad’s dog stinker is a old dog she is skinny and you can see her bones we feed her every day and we wormed her she’s losing a lot of weight we don’t know what the cause we water her too but she still isn’t picking up weight can someone tell me why we had a dog that died suddenly because she was old stinker seen it what should we do

  50. My dog is 9 weeks old, and he’s very lethargic now. Doesn’t eat and very thin ? he is trying to stand up but his legs are being wobbly. His poop has fishy smell ? I don’t know what to do

  51. Did you ever find out what was wrong with your pups? My 4 yr old Great Dane did the exact same thing that you described in 2-3 days as well and dying my 1 old Great Dane is still alive but has went from 135lbs to 72lbs in 4 days but there is NOTHING wrong with her labs great, X-rays good, no infections or diseases and no parasites. If you have any idea what it might be please help just trying desperately to save her.

  52. Hi. I have a 10 year old Shih tzu who’s lost a lot of weight in the last 2 months. I took him to the vet and he had tests for diabetes, but everything was clear. They said there was nothing wrong with him and said we were not feeding him enough! I have since doubled his food intake and 3 1/2 weeks later, he hasn’t put on any wight at all. He doesn’t seem ill, but he is lethargic and drinks more than he used to. I’m taking him back to the vets next week as clearly, there is something wrong with him. Anyone else had this issue? Hopefully this is something treatable.

  53. I’ve had my dog for 6 years and I recently just got a new dog. My oldest dog has suddenly stopped eating and lost SO MUCH WEIGHT . It is clearly visible that she has lost weight. We keep trying to feed her more but she simply does not eat. She is not usually a picky eater. Can she be too sad to eat or jealous that we’ve gotten a new dog ? I also wanted to mention that she isn’t social and we tried to make her get along with dogs but is always so nervous and hates being left alone or separated from my family. With my new dog though , she has gotten along with my new dog (kind of) Please help.

  54. I have a 6 month old pyranesse boxer mix, has had shots, nutered, has had a round of Dewormer. Still not gaining, is healthy and acti e otherwise. Any idea what problem could be?

  55. My dog is a Queensland Heeler. Female. 2 1/2 years old. Eats, drinks, plays, pees and poos normal. But I have notice her head is getting boney. And now her cheek bones are starting to show. The rest of her is fine. Not fat or skinny in body. loves to go to dog park, beach, mountains. All her shots are up to date. Looks alert and responds normal. Very loving and active. Help. Worried.

  56. My pup is 2 and a half months yesterday when I woke up my puppy wasn’t acting normal she didn’t want to get up and was like that all day and had diarrhea and after awhile it looked like it was just mucas/water just coming out she looked skinnier and wouldn’t eat but drank some water at night I made her rice and chx she ate it all and was more active she seemed to be better the next morning she seems back to her normal self but isn’t eating much and still looks skinnier than before she got sick . Should I take her in to the vet? Is it normal for a puppy to get skinnier after being sick for a day ? And she’s had her 1st set of shots and will be getting her 2nd set soon

  57. While my neighbor was gone for the weekend, I noticed his dog lost weight dramatically. It is interesting that dogs also suffer from nervousness or anxiety, causing them to lose appetite. I better let him know so he can take his dog to a vet immediately.

  58. Border 3yr. old, sudden weight loss, started with diarrhea, then returned to very soft and pale poop. Counted. Last week he pooped an average of 6x/day. He eats now more voraciously than the previous month. Can now easily feel his ribs and narrow stomach. Appears happy, but a bit listless from time to time. Still does every daily activity. Basic blood panel and stool sample all negative. Have not yet done more expensive panels. Is this Liver failure (dog has stayed in a few places over time where we’re not supervising)? Cancer? What panels to look for? Could be hyperthyroid, but came on so suddenly. Diabetes? He’s not anxious. Eats a high energy, clean dog food within 3% of the recommendations to increase weight (which has failed, of course). Thanks.

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