Complete List of People Foods Dogs Can’t Eat

Foods dogs cant eat

We all know that some people foods dogs can’t eat be harmful or potentially fatal to dogs. To get to the final say on the matter, we asked Dr. Randall to weigh in on the subject. He reveals a few in the video, along with things you CAN feed to your dog. A complete list of the foods dogs can’t eat is below. If your dog does happen to eat something from this complete list of foods dogs can’t eat the procedure is different depending on size of dog, amount consumed, and the specific food eaten. If you are concerned, we recommend you call your veterinarian to see what they say about your specific case:




Bread Dough


Chocolate (Especially Dark and Baking Chocolate)


Caffeine (Coffee, Tea, Soda, etc)






Grapes and Raisins




Macadamia Nuts


Moldy Foods


Onions and Garlic


Xylitol (Candy, Gum, Toothpaste)


Seeds of most fruit (Apple, Almond, Apricot, Cherry, Peaches, Plums, Persimmons, Pear, Prunes, Tomatoes & similar fruit)


Raw Eggs




Corn Cobs


Bones that can splinter


What Food Should Dogs Eat?

Dr Randall specifically mentions a few “human” foods that are good choices for dogs. He mentions green beans, carrots, brown rice, salmon, and turkey. If you would like to home cook your dogs meals, he suggests:

1/3 green beans or carrots

1/3 brown rice

1/3 protein (salmon, turkey, or chicken – no bones!)

Also, a prescription type food is ideal because higher standards exist for those types of foods. Prescription type foods that you would get from your veterinarian can only have certain grades of ingredients and are better regulated to insure quality. Brands mentioned in the video include Science Diet and Purina.
Dr David Randall author photoWritten by Dr David Randall, DVM
His father established the clinic in 1977 and the the younger Dr. Randall always knew that he would follow closely in his father’s footsteps. Dr. Randall graduated from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 and began his career at Big Cypress Animal Clinic.

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  1. I have a pit bull about 7 years old and last week his was a healthy and playful as he could be but now look like he is losing weight and I can see his ribs in his stomach. His looks sick please help

    1. have the pit checked for cancer. AVOID any dry dog foods that include yellow #6, #7 and red dyes #5 , #40. these are known carcinogens but the dog food manufacturers still put them in the dry foods.

  2. We have a Mastiff boxer mix he’s approximately 789 years old all of a sudden he started losing weight he’s lost interest in eating he got so weak while going out and fell over tonight and get an explanation why he doesn’t exhaust interesting dry dog foods he only eats wet dog food now

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