work dogs

Are Work Dogs More Susceptible to Joint Injury and Arthritis?

Canine arthritis is a painful condition. It makes every move difficult for dogs. It can also be hard to diagnose, especially in work dogs, because their obedience makes them stoic and more likely to hide any pain they feel. Unfortunately, by the time working dogs finally give in and start to show symptoms it likely means they’re in a lot of

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lucy acl tear knee brace

Knee Brace for Dogs

One of the most heartbreaking mishaps in the life of any pet parent is when your dog gets an injury. You never want to see your pup limping. And, you know when they start that it could be the beginning of a long period of therapy, restricted movement, and may even lead to other health issues. Knee injuries, in particular,

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Does Glucosamine Work for Dogs?

Stiff and achy joints can be painful and frustrating. If your dog is suffering from joint pain, you may have heard that glucosamine can help. Glucosamine is one of the most popular supplements for pups (and with good reason). But because of this, all the information out there can seem overwhelming. So in an effort to help out, we’ve done

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Does Cold Weather Affect Dogs with Arthritis?

Most people with arthritis will tell you they feel more pain during cold weather. The problem is doctors have not found a reason for why this occurs. We assume that a portion of the cause is a drop in air pressure. This can allow tissues to swell causing inflammation. Also, the effect cold has on muscles is a stiffening that

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german shepard

Best Joint Supplement for German Shepards

German Shepherds are a wonderful breed of dog. If you’re looking for a great guard dog or a big snuggly giant. They are in the top five most popular dog breeds in the United States. However, it is important to note German Shepherds are especially prone to develop joint problems as they age. Furthermore, this is a condition that should

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fall prevention

Preventing Falls Around Your Pets

Our favorite furry companions can be loyal friends. They provide unconditional love, but pets, toys, and food bowls can also create fall hazards. Every year, over 86,000 fall injuries involve dogs and cats. Women are twice as likely to get injured, and fracture rates are among older adults. Below is a guide to preventing falls related to your pets. Indoor

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dog toothpaste

Dog Toothpaste and Brushing Dog’s Teeth

Good dental care is essential for your dog’s health and happiness. Just like us, our pets need to receive dental care at home. It’s ideal to begin home care when your pet is a pup. However, it is never too late to get a start on it. There are many different methods to prevent dental disease and to assist with

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dog food

What Pet Food Should I Feed My Dog- Wet vs. Dry

Not only are there a ton of different brands of dog food, but then there’s the type of dog food – wet vs. dry. How do you know which type to pick? Generally speaking, wet food is better for dogs than dry food. This is because wet food has fewer carbohydrates. Carbs are more difficult for dogs to digest. And,

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natural anti inflammatory

What is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs?

Dog inflammation is a biological response of the animal’s body tissues to harmful stimuli. This could be caused by a number of issues. Such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and inflammation is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecules to repair the body. In the same way, people may suffer from bronchitis, arthritis, pancreatitis, or a range

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tennis balls

Why Tennis Balls Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

Most dogs love a good game of fetch. We consider a game of fetch with an old tennis ball harmless fun that gives our pet some exercise and stimulation. However, many balls not intended for pets are unsafe – read on to learn why. Harmful Materials – The insides of tennis balls often contain gases so that they bounce higher

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