8 Arthritis Signs in Dogs

arthritis signs in dogsBeing a parent to an aging dog is rewarding, but at times it can be hard. Being mindful of whether or not your dog is in pain is an important step to helping them age gracefully. Joint pain and inflammation can be caused by several different types of ailments, one of the most common being arthritis. Because our dogs cannot verbally articulate to us when they are feeling discomfort, it’s imperative to know the signs of arthritis so we can monitor their health. To help you keep your dog healthy, we’ve outlined 8 arthritis signs in dogs.

1. Limping

You may notice your dog limping or favoring their limbs that have arthritis. Sometimes, the limp will seem worse when your dog first stands up and then may become less noticeable as your dog’s muscles warm up.

2. Lethargy

With arthritis, your dog may tire more easily. Walks may become shorter and more painful for your pet. You may notice your pet prefers to spend more time sleeping or resting.

3. Irritability

Animals suffering from arthritis may become angry and more irritable. Your dog could snap or bite when approached or touched. He may just appear grumpier than usual. This is especially true when they are touched in a manner that increases their pain.

4. Muscle Atrophy

Some dogs with arthritis develop muscle atrophy or dying off of the muscle tissue, due to inactivity and decreased use of the muscles. If your dog has atrophied muscles, their legs may look much thinner than normal.

5. Spinal Issues

Changes and pain from arthritis does not only occur in the joints, but also in the spine. These spinal issues may be noticeable because of abnormal posture, a hunch in the back, or a lameness in one of both of the hind legs. Your dog place also exhibit a sore neck.

6. Stiff and Swollen Joints

As with people who suffer from arthritis, your dog may experience stiff and swollen joints. You can gently feel their joints to see if the area is swollen.

7. Licking, Chewing, & Biting

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, he or she may begin to lick, chew, or bite at the affected areas. If these actions continue, the skin around the affected areas may be inflamed and may have hair loss.

8. Depression

If your dog just doesn’t seem like himself, this may be because he is suffering from joint pain and inflammation. Be mindful of changes in physical activity, as well as psychological changes.

If your dog is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, they may have arthritis. These are only 8 of many signs of arthritis your dog may feel. We recommend taking him or her to the veterinarian first to get a proper diagnosis. To help your dog age gracefully and ensure they have a fulfilling life, be sure to monitor their physical activity, as well as their behavioral changes. Another option for joint health support is an all natural daily joint supplement for your dog. To learn more about helping your dog age gracefully, download our free eBook by clicking below.

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  1. My Dog is 11 years old and has been licking her front and back paw for over 3 years now.

    She is now licking more on her back paw as she licks it until the skin is brazed and bleeding.

    Vetenarian here says its Licamatosis , but I think it may be arthritus.

    Please advise

  2. Myah is barely 2 years old. she gets great activity and we are structured on a schedule with her feeding, play time with running, and challenging her with games which is regular. Lately she has been biting at her knee joints and we havent changed anything

    1. My dog is doing the same thing, and he’s out every day for hours on playdates with other dogs, off leash and in a safe park.

      What is this?

  3. my dog as always slept in my bed but he has now started to bit us if we move our legs against him he has arthritus in all 4 legs. is it time to put him down

    1. We can’t say for sure, you’ll have to talk to your vet – especially if there are signs of aggression. However, Flexpet was designed as a joint supplement for arthritis, so it may really help your dog and may be worth a try (we also off a full money-back guarantee, just in case).

  4. Mood can be changed by making divert dogs mind. the habit of doing continuously the thing at his leg will represent in to a dead skin. Skin Diseases problems are created due to that. It can by stopped by a dog owner to easy maintain a dogs life.

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