5 Reasons to Own a Pet

Pets make wonderful companions for a number of reasons. They also don’t require most people to need much convincing before acquiring their first, however, if you’re someone on the fence, and especially have been for a while, this may be just what you need. One must be aware that despite the numerous benefits of pet ownership, there is a high level of responsibility and commitment involved with assuming the care of any animal.


  1. Affectionate: Anyone who’s owned a dog or cat will tell you, there’s nothing quite like sitting on the couch and having your pet come and snuggle up beside you. Oftentimes it seems like your pet knows exactly when to show affection.
  2. Improved Health: Dogs make great exercise companions, and cats can be fun to play with around the house. Either way, studies have shown pets can attribute to increased benefits in both physical and mental health.
  3. No Judging: Unlike our human friends, a pet will never judge us. They don’t care how old we are, what we want to do, or what we look like. A pet is there for you no matter what.
  4. Approval from Friends and Family: We all know that a new friend or significant other may not meet the expectations of our friends and family, but with pets, it’s a different story. Everyone is accepting and happy when a furry friend becomes a new companion.
  5. Pets are Rewarding: Taking care of another living creature is a rewarding experience. Keeping your furry friend in good health throughout its life can bring a sense of accomplishment not found among other things.

As always, it is important to consider everything involved with pet ownership prior to acquiring a new companion. Pets are a lifetime commitment that require care and nurturing, day in and day out.

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