Your Pet’s Natural Disaster Plan

In the wake of the severe tornado that struck the town of Moore, Oklahoma, we see why natural disaster preparation is so important. The category EF-5 storm affected more than 13,000 homes, leaving hundreds of pets injured, (some now with chronic dog joint pain) lost, or worse. With just a few simple steps, you can be prepared for a similar situation and ensure your furry friend makes it through.


  1. Make sure your pet has adequate identification: Even if pets make it through a natural disaster, many of them are never reunited with their owner. A lack of I.D. can really complicate matters. A sturdy collar and tag should always be affixed to your pet. Microchipping is relatively cheap today and another effective form of permanent identification.
  2. Stay with your pet: Staying with your pet during a disaster will help ensure you don’t become separated. If you are staying inside your home, keep them by your side and on a leash if possible. If ordered to evacuate, ensure you bring your pet with you.
  3. Find a suitable shelter: If you plan to stay in a shelter, choose one that allows pets or has a separate section/facility to house your pet. This is an important detail to hash out ahead of time. Being mindful of those locations will allow you to head straight for them, which will be extremely beneficial when a disaster is imminent.
  4. Have the necessary supplies: In the event that a natural disaster strikes, you should have plenty of food and water on hand, not just for yourself, but your pet(s) as well. First aid supplies can be an essential tool, as access to healthcare can be difficult to find following a storm.

Are you and your pet prepared for a natural disaster? Do you have any tips?

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