tennis balls

Why Tennis Balls Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

tennis balls

Most dogs love a good game of fetch. We consider a game of fetch with an old tennis ball harmless fun that gives our pet some exercise and stimulation. However, many balls not intended for pets are unsafe – read on to learn why.

Harmful Materials – The insides of tennis balls often contain gases so that they bounce higher and fly through the air. Colorings and other chemicals make balls water-resistant and give them their bright yellow color. In short, the composition of a tennis ball can be harmful for dogs if they come into contact with it often. Since dogs put the ball in their mouth, where their mucus can absorb harmful chemicals. It’s also possible that damaging substances from chewing and sucking on the ball end up in the dog’s mouth. Regarding swallowing, if your pet takes the ball apart, small parts can get stuck in their stomach or intestine and lead to constipation or the danger of intestinal obstruction.

Damage to Teeth – That bright yellow fuzzy material that gives the tennis ball its grip will also microscopically grip onto the enamel of your dog’s teeth. Over time, this can lead to an extra wearing down of your dog’s teeth. Since many dog breeds are also prone to dental problems, there’s no reason why they should be exposed to unnecessary damage from a ball.

Not designed For Dogs – Tennis balls aren’t designed for dogs. They are toxic, swallowable, damaging to teeth. The most important reason why tennis balls aren’t suitable for dogs is that manufacturers focus on creating a perfect piece of sporting equipment for tennis players. In contrast to producers of dog toys, they don’t consider the safety or possible long-term damage to a pet. Compared with most everyday objects, responsible dog toy companies provide the safest toys. Many everyday things that may look like good dog toys on first glance are totally unsuitable when you take a closer look.

But Your Dog Loves Tennis Balls?

If your dog loves tennis balls this isn’t a problem. There are plenty of balls specially designed for your dog and other pets. There are mock tennis balls designed specifically for dogs. These balls come with numerous extras: floating balls allow for fun in the water. Balls with openings to hide treats can keep your dog occupied on its own for a while. Balls that squeak or swish loudly when thrown also have an added appeal. Balls with a throwing arm for dog owners provide an extra long flight and running fun for dogs.

Nevertheless, don’t leave your dog unsupervised with toys. Many dogs instinctually like to destroy a new toy. Keep new ball and toy play supervised to avoid choking hazards or a mess to clean up. Looking for a creative way to exercise your dog? Check out this past article.

Chew Toys

When in doubt, try a treat rather than a toy. A large, carrot can make a great teething tool for a young pups or those who like to chew. Do some more research and find a reputable toy brand like Kong or Nylabone. These products are ones that test negative for chemicals.

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