paw licking

Why is My Dog Suddenly Licking Their Paws?

paw licking

Chewing and licking paws is a common pet trait. while occasional paw licking can be normal behavior for dogs, excessive licking and chewing are not. If your pet seems to be suddenly obsessively chewing or licking paws this should never be considered normal. It is often a sign of something more serious going on with your pet. 

There may be many different reasons your pet is licking and chewing their paws including wounds, allergies, pain, or deeper issues like arthritis.  In any of these cases, your dog may develop a focal spot of infection (called a hot spot) from the constant licking of an area.

Licking is one way a dog senses the world. It is normal behavior for a dog to groom itself, express affection, and taste objects. Some casual licking can be comforting and soothing to your pet. However, too much licking is when your dog never stops. Even with a prompt or attempt at distraction. Dogs that lick excessively may focus on one area, such as a paw, their muzzle, or their genitals.

Excessive paw licking may indicate a range of health problems. These may include allergies, skin irritations, arthritis, joint or muscle soreness, or overall anxiety. Over time, too much licking may lead to hair loss and skin infections, in addition to the underlying problems that caused the licking in the first place.

If your pet suddenly begins chewing or licking paws, you should take him to get checked out by your vet.  The cause may be due to a cut or puncture wound on the paw and may even be caused by a foreign body penetrating and lodging itself in the skin of the paw.  Most of the time, these injuries are not serious and with proper wound care, antibiotics, or medications, your dog will recover just fine.

Excessive Paw Licking

A more serious reason for excessive paw licking maybe allergies. Allergic dogs are often chronic feet chewers.  Dogs with allergic skin diseases require lifelong care and commitment to getting their allergies under control.  They often require antibiotics for infections and anti-itch medications to keep them comfortable.  Some dogs even need special food if they have a true food allergy.  Allergies can be frustrating to manage, but luckily many new products are being introduced to help stop the cycle of itching. 

Other reasons your pet may be licking his paws, especially a specific paw, include pain and arthritis.  Arthritis and nerve pain may cause your dog to constantly lick the area to help soothe the pain.  Arthritis can often be diagnosed with x-rays. Your veterinarian may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to help ease arthritis pain or suggest a joint supplement.   Masses on top of paws or even growing between toes can also cause irritation and make your dog want to lick or chew that paw.  If you notice a mass anywhere on your pet, have your veterinarian check it out.

Maintain Joint Health

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