natural anti inflammatory

What is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs?

natural anti inflammatory

Dog inflammation is a biological response of the animal’s body tissues to harmful stimuli. This could be caused by a number of issues. Such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and inflammation is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecules to repair the body.

In the same way, people may suffer from bronchitis, arthritis, pancreatitis, or a range of other inflammatory (or “itis”) conditions, so too can your dog. Inflammation is the body’s immune response against foreign substances, injuries, or infections. It can also result from autoimmune diseases, in which the body triggers an inflammatory response when there aren’t any invaders to battle.

Your dog’s veterinarian may prescribe a prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as Rimadyl, Previcox, Galliprant, or Gabapentin. However, these drugs are meant to be taken only as needed. These drugs have side effects, including liver and kidney problems, especially when taken long-term. They may also cause diarrhea, loss of appetite, and upset stomach.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs

Weight Management – Excess body weight may increase stress on joints, causing an increase in discomfort and reduce mobility. Ensure your dog maintains a healthy body weight. This is especially important if his or her inflammation is caused by hip dysplasia or arthritis. Regular exercise can help your pet stay within a healthy body weight. If you’re not sure what constitutes a healthy weight for your pet, talk to your vet.

If your dog is in a lot of pain, it can be hard for him or her to exercise. In these cases, try choosing low-impact exercises for your dog. Instead of long walks, take several short and slow walks. Swimming is also a great activity that doesn’t put as much stress on the joints as hiking or running. You can also play gentle ball games at home on carpeted surfaces.

Physical Therapy – Just like in humans, physical therapy can help with inflammation and discomfort in dogs as well. It’s very beneficial for dogs with limited mobility. Talk to your veterinarian to find the best pet physical therapist in your area. Depending on your dog’s situation, you may need to work with a specialist who understands your pet’s underlying problems.

Glucosamine – Glucosamine is a natural compound that is used to help with inflammation. This compound helps synthesize the building blocks of cartilage, easing the breakdown of the connective tissue that protects bones. Glucosamine is often combined with chondroitin sulfate, a compound made of sugars that plays a key role in dealing with compression in the joints. These two compounds are often recommended by veterinarians to help with inflammation in dogs.

Cetyl Myristoleate – Cetyl Myristoleate is a natural compound that works as a pain reliever, joint lubricant, and anti-inflammatory. It is the only compound to have patents for the treatment of arthritis and is used in both pets and humans. Mice are immune to arthritis. The compound that causes them to be immune is cetyl myristoleate. Through further research, it was discovered that this compound had the same effect on humans and dogs.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II  – this ingredient is used in an effort to protect and rebuild joint cartilage. Since collagen is the most common structural protein in the body, hydrolyzed collagen helps stimulate collagen production, decrease joint pain, and increase bone mass density.

How Flexpet May Help

Flexpet contains the natural ingredients we list above. As well as other natural compounds that aid in reducing inflammation. Flexpet is a safe and all-natural way to help relieve pet joint pain and improve quality of life. It is the only pet product on the market using CM8. It’s designed to help with joint discomfort and inflammation in pets – without the use of prescription medication. Flexpet has been on the market for 20 years and is recommended by veterinarians. Flexpet is highly reviewed on Amazon from verified purchasers. Furthermore, Flexpet is made from human-grade ingredients, in the USA.

We strive to make it as easy as possible for new users to try Flexpet. We offer a money-back guarantee minus handling fee so there is little to no risk. If you don’t feel like you saw results from Flexpet, you can return the empty bottles/pouches and we’ll refund your full purchase price (minus handling). We also have a fantastic and knowledgeable customer care team available to answer all of your questions at 1-800-505-0575.

Flexpet is available in a maximum strength soft chew product for large dogs and those in severe pain, as well as a regular strength chewable tablet (our standard formula). Both forms are tasty treats to our pets so they won’t even know they’re taking a supplement. If you have a dog who is suffering from joint discomfort, we encourage you to give Flexpet a try. You have nothing to lose but your dog’s pain!

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