4 Ways Daily Joint Supplements May Help Our Pets Age Well

pets_joint_supplements-1It’s no secret that for many of us, our dogs are part of our family and take on the roles of children and grandchildren. That’s why it is so heartbreaking to watch them develop aches and pains as they age. Just like with our human loved ones, we want to help them the best we can. Thankfully, there are joint supplements and actions that we may take to help our babies cope with the discomfort of degenerative diseases, like arthritis. We’ve outlined 4 ways daily joint supplements may actually help our pets age to let you know that hope is out there for you and your beloved animals.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the signs and symptoms associated with doggy arthritis are very similar to ours. For example, our four-legged babies may start to use more caution going up and down the stairs or walk a bit slower when heading to the bathroom. Their energy and comfort levels may decrease. They may lose interest in running and playing. They may also limp and have a hard time getting into and out of bed. Additionally, they could exhibit irritability and behavioral changes associated with increased disability. In other words, they start acting just like us when we are in pain.

Why does this happen to our beloved companions? In some instances, they’ve worked and played hard enough to cause wear and tear to their musculoskeletal systems. In other situations, they may have inherited medical conditions or sustained injuries that adversely impact their immune systems, muscles, ligaments, tendons or bones. And just like us, obesity can exacerbate, or bring on an arthritis diagnosis too. What can we do to help our furry friends get back to their daily activities and comfort levels?

This is where joint supplements come into play – giving our dogs all-natural joint supplements is the first step we can take to relieving their discomfort.

1. CM8

As with human joint supplements, we recommend a pet supplement that includes CM8 of human-grade as one of its main ingredients. This will help lubricate the joints and muscles, reducing inflammation in the body. It will also help stimulate the growth of cartilage and lubricating fluids in the joint, increasing overall mobility.

2. All Natural Ingredients

These days it can be hard to know what’s really in your food or medication. It’s important to know what ingredients are present in your pet joint supplements, as well as where these ingredients come from. It’s best to get USA sourced and made ingredients that are produced at facilities that are certified with good manufacturing practices.

3. Tasty chewable treat

As I’m sure you know, it’s not always easy giving your four-legged family members healthy treats or medication. This can be made easy by chewable pet joint supplements. They are guaranteed to love the taste and reap the benefits of the joint supplement all at the same time!

4. A Great Diet Complement

Consider combining the joint supplements with a care plan that includes adaptive devices, massage, daily exercise, and a healthy diet. A few adaptive devices to contemplate investing in are ramps, raised feeders, and supportive bedding. Each one will undoubtedly help decrease the amount of stress on a dog’s joints too. Together, they’ll help our dogs cope with joint inflammation and pain as well as improve their joints’ range of motion.

These are just 4 ways that daily joint supplements may help our pets age well. Because our furry friends can’t voice their pain or need for a solution, it’s up to us to take action to make sure their quality of life is at the absolute best. To learn more about helping your dog age gracefully, download our free eBook by clicking below.

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