Top 7 Reasons Why FlexPet Can Help Your Pet

By consistently using a chondroprotectant like FlexPet, your pet’s joint health will improve in several ways. Holistic veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist Patrick Mahaney explains the benefits of administering FlexPet to your dog or cat:

#1. Decreased Reliance on Medications that Carry Side Effects

Although the use of veterinary prescription drugs can yield many positive results, the potential for serious side effects is associated with their usage.

NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) used to reduce joint inflammation can negatively impact the liver, kidneys, digestive tract and blood clotting mechanisms. Veterinary supervised dosing of NSAIDs is typically safe for a healthy pet; however, predisposing ailments, accidental overdosing, and insufficient metabolism of the drug can lead to life-threatening health issues.

Opiates (Tramadol, Butorphanol, etc.) and other pain medications work by interrupting pain directly at the receptor level through modifying the transmission of nerve signals. Although these drugs can be effective, possible side effects include sedation, unsteady movement, constipation, weight gain and dependency.

  • Reduced reliance on medications to control pain can be achieved by the regular use of a chondroprotectant, such as FlexPet.

#2. Improved Comfort & Enhanced Mobility

Regular use of a nutraceutical like FlexPet with CM8 will nourish your pet’s aching joints to allow for a more comfortable and active lifestyle. Pets suffering from joint pain are more likely to lead an immobile, stagnant lifestyle. Compromised mobility leads to muscle atrophy, weight gain, pressure sores (from lying in one position for an extended time), infections (skin, urinary tract, etc.), constipation, and other potentially irreversible maladies.

With improved joint comfort, your pet will be more willing to engage in activities such as playing, walking, running, swimming, etc. Physical activity helps circulate blood, eliminate toxins, manage body weight and stimulate digestion.

  • Your pet will be moving better and have a better quality of life by adding FlexPet to a multimodal pain management protocol.

#3. A Better Quality of Life

One of the main factors pet owners evaluate when considering euthanasia is quality of life (QOL), as it is painful to watch our beloved pets suffer. The HHHHMM scale is used to determine pet QOL. The abbreviation stands for Hurt, Hunger, Hygiene, Hydration, Happiness, Mobility, and More good days than bad.

Comfort and mobility permit pets freedom to navigate their environment, engage in play behavior, and move away from their own waste products. Pets healthy enough to lead an active lifestyle have a better QOL than those immobilized by painful conditions.

  • Pets with reduced mobility and low QOL based on the HHHHMM scale that are not yet on FlexPet should start a 4-6 week course and be closely monitored for improvement. Before you consider putting your pet down, give FlexPet a chance to help him or her improve.

#4. Avoid Synthetic Chemicals

The world we share with our pets harbors many substances capable of causing toxicity. As the long term effect of most toxins is unknown, it is best to cautiously use medications that have the potential for toxicity (NSAIDs, opiates, etc.). If a natural product can make your pet feel better and has minimal toxicity in comparison to a synthetic chemical, it only makes sense to go natural. Although the benefits of FlexPet typically take 2-3 weeks to be noticed, your pet will feel much more comfortable after consistent use.

  • Every serving of FlexPet chewable treats naturally reduces inflammation in a manner much safer than pain relieving drugs. FlexPet is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives; so prolonged administration is safe.

#5. Improved Absorption via Digestive Enzymes

As pets age, the digestive system becomes less efficient. Many illnesses and medications can inflame the digestive tract affecting the body’s ability to break down and absorb nutrients. FlexPet contains a natural digestive enzyme blend that facilities the absorption of the joint enhancing and anti-inflammatory components. The blend also aids the absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats found in your pet’s food.

  • By taking FlexPet, your pet may better utilize the nutritional building blocks and anti-oxidants provided in food and supplements to promote optimal bodily function.

#6. Reduced Need for Laboratory Testing

When your pet regularly receives pain medication, it is crucial that baseline organ system function is continually monitored (for the kidney and liver values, red blood cell and platelet counts, etc.). Abnormalities in laboratory testing may determine that your pet should not be administered such medication.

FlexPet is not harmful to your pet’s internal organs and does not require regular blood testing for long term usage. While performing regular blood testing is an important wellness strategy, there are considerable associated expenses.

  • Reduce the need for costly blood tests and potentially harmful medications by administering a daily serving of FlexPet.

#7. Joint Pain Prevention

If your veterinarian determines your pet has a joint abnormality early in life, FlexPet can be used to promote joint health and prevent the development of chronic pain. Your pet’s joints can still function highly despite the diagnosis of hip dysplasia or other orthopedic abnormalities. Early use of FlexPet can slow the progression of a degenerative joint disease, maintain (or improve) the functional capacity of a joint, and reduce the need for pain medications to achieve a comfortable state.

  • Your pet may even be spared invasive and costly surgery if FlexPet is used at your first suspicion or confirmation of an unhealthy joint.

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    1. It’s a natural supplement and should have no reaction to any other medication your dog may be on, nor any negative health effects. However, we do recommend that you consult your vet and inform them of the ingredients before giving your dog Flexpet.

  1. My dog has an alergic reaction to our grass our vet her put her on prednisone witch help but as soon as she come off the redness comes back can flexpet help her

    1. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound like something Flexpet will really be successful with. It really works more for joint pain, not so much allergies. We wish we could help!

      So sorry to see hear your dog going through that.

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