Through Thick & Thin, Dogs Remain Man’s Best Friend

Roughly half of United States households have at least one dog as a pet. This is quite an astounding figure considering some fifty years ago, canines were just being brought into the home as family members, rather than tools. Now, in the wake of a terrible natural disaster, we see proof of how dogs truly have become our best friends.


On May 20th, a deadly tornado ravaged the town of Moore, Oklahoma. The tornado cleared a 17-mile path in under an hour, destroying hundreds of homes, businesses, schools and hospitals, leaving an estimated 24 dead. As authorities began searching through the wreckage, a small mud-covered black dog was found atop a pile of rubble, scared but unwavering. Perplexed, the authorities transported the dog to a shelter for care and treatment.


The following day, further investigation led to a heart-wrenching discovery. As it turns out, the small pup had been standing guard over its deceased owners body, buried beneath the rubble.


The deputy who first discovered the steadfast dog, plans to adopt as soon as recovery is underway.

Another tornado victim found her prayers answered when her pooch crawled from under the rubble during a live interview, which was showing the aftermath and consequent destruction of her home.


Such examples of loyalty, compassion, and enduring love exhibit why canines have quickly found a place alongside us humans. No other animal has achieved such a status, and chances are, none will.


This recent, unfortunate event has not only left our hearts broken, but our four-legged friends feeling the pain as well. Man’s best friend… until the end.

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