The Ultimate Workout K-9 Partner

Working out is far easier when you have a partner to team up with. I know from personal experience that I wouldn’t make it to the gym, or out for a run half as much without inspiration from another. Ironically, it can be difficult to find that someone, unless, of course, you have a furry companion!

Guy running with a dog

Dogs need exercise as much as we do, if not more so. Unfortunately, many people neglect to provide their pooches with adequate exercise, thus contributing to the obesity epidemic among household animals. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and joint complications. Dogs insufficiently exercised are also more likely to develop behavioral and cognitive issues.

Turning that Pooch into a Ultimate Workout Partner

Some breeds are better suited to strenuous exercise than others. While your Chihuahua still requires a certain amount of exercise, don’t expect it to join in on your cross-country runs.

When you do finally decide to start exercising with your dog, understand it may take a little training and regularity before your canine begins to notice the difference between an exercise outing, and a casual walk and sniff.

Establishing and maintaining a regular schedule can help with this. Your dog will better understand when it’s time for exercise, if it occurs at the same time every day. A verbal cue is also helpful in getting your pooch to understand when it’s time for exercise. If you plan on running, veterinarians recommend using a harness, rather than a leash. A harness gives you more control over your dog, while reducing the chances of neck or spinal injury.

When you start exercising with your pup, be sure to ease into the routine. Neither you, nor your dog will benefit from jumping straight into a demanding and tough routine – the last thing you want is to create unnecessary dog joint pain. Start with regular power walks, then gradually turn up the intensity. Before you know it, both of you will be regular exercise buddies on your way to better health!

Do you exercise with your dog regularly? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?


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