Protecting your Pets with Quality Food

As you have probably heard through the news in the past several years, pet food quality and contamination is a big issue. What we and our furry friends consume on a daily basis, regulates the health and proper functioning of our bodies. Ensuring that our pets receive only safe, high quality food should be a top priority. Failing to do so could result in your pet becoming very ill, or worse.


Two Surefire Ways to Ensure Your Pet is receiving Quality Food

  1. Prescription foods: Prescription pet foods are manufactured under the most stringent quality control standards and methodologies. The foods are considered to be veterinary grade and are specially formulated to promote optimal health in every regard (skin, coat, digestive system, etc.)
  2. Cook for your pet: Cooking for your pet can be cheaper than purchasing prescription foods, but it is important to know exactly how to do it, and what foods to use. Most human-grade food consumed today is too high in fat and low in protein for our pets. Veterinarian Dr. Randall recommends this recipe as a base for homemade pet food:
  • 1/3 brown rice
  • 1/3 green beans
  • 1/3 protein from a source such as salmon
  • Daily health supplement like FlexPet (to prevent dog joint pain).

Both suggested ways of feeding your pet are considered far healthier than generic, store-bought brands of pet food, which are often riddled with unhealthy fillers and dangerous contaminants. In fact, many of the ingredients found in common pet foods are considered extremely low grade and unfit for human consumption.


When purchasing high quality prescription foods, or if you decided to make your own, you can rest assured the food your pet is eating will promote good health and the best quality of life. Truly, would you want anything less for your life-long companion?


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