Protect your Pets this Halloween

Halloween may be a fun holiday for kids and adults alike, but our pets often think differently. Halloween and the Fourth of July are the two holidays pets find most discomforting. Take these steps this Halloween to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy. A little preparation and knowledge is all it takes to avoid any unnecessary issues.


Keep an Eye on the Candy

Candy is everywhere during the month of October. Chocolate can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system, and even lead to poisoning because of certain ingredients. The wrappers also present a choking hazard for eager pets. Keep all candy out of reach, and keep your home free from candy bags and wrappers by disposing of them in a secure trash receptacle.


Keep your Pet in a Quiet, Secure Room

With the amount of costumed trick-or-treater’s out and about, your pet can be easily frightened. Keep them in a secure room to avoid any problems. If possible, leave a dish of candy outside your front door to avoid the repetitive knocking and doorbell ringing that can excite or agitate your pet.


Skip the Costume

Pet costumes are often made of cheap materials and can present a strangulation hazard. Your pet isn’t going to be comfortable in a costume, no matter how cute you think they look. Skip the costume and leave the dressing up to humans. If you must, find a costume for yourself that can incorporate your pet without the need for dressing them up.


Keep Track of your Pet

This is the perfect time to double check that your pet has all of their necessary ID tags and collars. If your pet is not yet micro chipped, now is a good time to do so. The process is very inexpensive, and adds another layer of security, should your beloved friend escape or get lost during the holiday festivities.


Keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween. A happy pet makes for a happy family!


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