Protect Your Pet from the Summer Heat

With summer rapidly upon us, so increases the warm weather. Temperatures rise severely and sadly, even night doesn’t appear to bring any relief. For these reasons, it is extremely important to ensure your pet is cool and comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, heat stroke claims the lives of many dogs during this time of the year, which is especially cruel when it is easily preventable.


Never leave your dog in the car. In 85-degree weather, a car parked outside can reach internal temperatures in excess of 100 degrees within ten minutes. In another 20 minutes it can reach 120 degrees. You can see why leaving your dog inside, could lead to serious problems very quickly.


Keep your dog inside during the middle of the day. During summer months, the hottest parts of the day are generally between 11AM and 3PM. Ensure ‘Fido’ stays inside and avoids rigorous exercise during these hours, except for maybe a short walk.


Keep water bowls filled and ready wherever your dog rests or plays. If your pup has regular access to both the inside and out, it is important to keep a water bowl in both areas.


If you own a long-haired dog, make sure to have them groomed more frequently during the summer months. It can be wise to ask the groomer for a shorter cut, as opposed to what your dog normally gets.


If your dog does play outside during the hotter parts of the day, consider bathing them afterwards, or at least spraying them down with a hose to help cool their internal body temperature. Dogs do not sweat through their coat, with panting the primary way they cool down.


Follow these tips to help keep your dog cool during the ‘dog-days of summer’. Never leave your pup in a parked car, and during hot days report any dogs you see trapped in one.

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