Pet Adoption On The Rise Amid Pandemic

pet adoptions

While many people are spending more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic, animal shelters are seeing a rise in pet adoptions as well as pet fostering interest. Laying on the couch with a pet can be a nice distraction from the unusual circumstances we are now living in. Rescue pets and their new owners are helping each other cope with the current health pandemic. But like any relationship, it takes work to raise a pet. There are many things to consider before a pet adoption, and there are added responsibilities when you are a new pet owner.

Many pet shelters have started new ways to adopt an animal to stay within social distancing guidelines. This includes strictly online abilities to view the available animals and limiting person to person contact. In the past, many shelters would bring animals to big-box pet stores on certain days for meet and greets. During the current situation that has changed, and is no longer a safe option. The Humane Society, as well as other rescues, have started holding online events through Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube to see and meet available pets.

Considering A Pet Adoption?

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog or cat there are some things to keep in mind. Think about the long term and future. Dogs on average can live 10-13 years and cats 12-16 years. You should not adopt a pet in hopes that it will keep your family busy while at home. When this crisis passes, those pets will still need love and attention. It is not a good idea to adopt a pet to fix a temporary situation. Pet adoption is forever and should be considered seriously.

Make sure your family can add the expenses of owning a pet to your budget. Dogs need food, supplies, toys and regular veterinarian checkups. It is important to spay or neuter your new pet, too. This will keep unwanted new pups and kittens from winding up back in a shelter. Most dogs and cats shed their fur regularly and this requires added cleanup around the home. Dogs need to be taken outside frequently to go to the bathroom. Pets need attention, food, love, care, and plenty of exercise. These are all points to consider before rushing into an adoption.

Adopting a Pet

After weighing all the pros and cons of having a new pet in your home, and you have decided that this is a responsibility your family can take on for the long term, here are some tips:

  • Prepare Your Home. Pet-proof your home – especially for a puppy any small item looks like a chew toy. Stash and put away anything you do not want to get chewed up, as well as items that could be a choking hazard.
  • Assign a Safe Space. Dogs love to have a safe place like a covered dog crate that is like their den. Someplace in the home that is their own and they can feel comfortable and secure.
  • Gather Supplies. Make sure you have a food and water bowl, leash and collar, food and treats, some toys and chew items. Before bringing your new pet home it is important to already have these items ready.
  • Plan How and When to Bring Your Pet Home. Make sure you have all the details arranged with the adoption center. Bring a collar and leash, and arrange for a safe way to transport your new pet.
  • Show Your Pet Around the House. Take your new pet on a guided tour of the house while on a leash. This will help the animal familiarize and feel comfortable in the new surroundings.
  • Start Training Right Away. Pets love routine and feel secure when there are boundaries that are enforced. Reward positive behavior with praise and treats, and discourage bad behavior with a No command.

For more information on activities for you and your pet during quarantine – See our recent blog on that subject. For pet adoption resources contact your local Humane Society.

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