Pet Activities to Keep Arthritic Joints Healthy

If your pet has arthritis it doesn’t mean they are incapable of exercising. Staying active actually helps many arthritic dogs and cats who are suffering from aching joints. It is, however, important you follow certain exercise tips before you begin an exercise routine with your pet. Before beginning an exercise routine with your pet, it is important to consult with your veterinarian. A vet will be better able to assist you with combining an exercise regime, diet, supplements and medications targeted for your pet’s needs. Your vet can also help monitor your pet’s progress and identify any changes in health.

Warm-Up Before Exercising

A few minutes of walking around the house or gentle playing before initiating a low-impact exercise will help arthritic pets move easier. Warming up will also help reduce sprains, cramps, and muscle injuries. Also, this is a gentle way to increase their heart rate. If your dog or cat is reluctant to start moving because of aching joints, try a little incentive like a small healthy treat or positive affection and encouragement. Rewarding exercise is a great way to keep it fun for your pet.

Keep It Low-Impact In the Beginning

Light activity such as walking helps to strengthen muscles and prevent obesity. it also keep ligaments and tendons flexible and circulates blood to stiff joints. Keep walks short but consistent. 15-30 minutes of activity five days a week is great. Ideally, swimming is an especially good exercise for dogs with arthritis because being in the water helps support much of the bodyweight and also inhibits sudden excessive movement. Cats with arthritis, are most likely not willing to go for a swim. However, they can participate in short sessions of gentle play, such as following a laser pointer, or a toy on a string. It is important to remember to avoid activities where your dog or cat has to jump, turn quickly or run. This can cause damage to arthritic pet joints.

Do Not Over Exert

When doing activities, make sure to watch your pet for heavy panting, signs of pain or overexertion. If this does occur stop the activity and consult your vet. Pushing forward with an exercise when injured can cause further damage, especially if your pet is not accustomed to a lot of activity. Short routines and consistency are better than occasional exertions. This way your pet can build up some strength and stamina, and avoid injury.

Keep it Fun

There are plenty of ways to increase activity in your pets while still staying indoors as well. For example, you can hide some small healthy treats around the house making a rewarding game out of encouraging more movement. Treating your pet to an at-home spa treatment including a massage to increase blood flow can help your pet feel better. Play find the toy with a favorite chew or plush toy. Do some simple obedience training exercises to stimulate your pet and teach him or her some new tricks or chores. Remember to give positive reinforcement and praise for good behavior.

For even more information on activities for you and your pet during safer at home and quarantining – See our recent blog on that subject. For pet adoption resources contact your local Humane Society.

Joint Supplements

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