Neutering and Hip Dysplasia – Ask the Expert

Neutering and Hip Dysplasia

What is the link between these two? It turns out many studies have been done which suggest a direct link between neutering and hip dysplasia.


What is the reason?

The link might very well be the lack of testosterone being produced in dogs who are neutered (especially if they were neutered earlier). This lack of testosterone might lead to joint problems, a common one, especially in larger breeds, is hip dysplasia.


What can you do if your dog was already neutered young?

There are many things you can do to keep your dog healthy and give them the best chance at living a full life. Along with proper diet and regular exercise, try giving your dog (or cat) Flexpet, even if they aren’t showing signs of joint problems or hip discomfort right now, its a great idea to start them on it as soon as possible. Flexpet has a scientifically proven combination of ingredients that build stronger joints in dogs and cats. Those pets who start early on Flexpet are likely to have fewer joint problems down the road and in turn live better lives as they get older.

Dr David Randall author photoWritten by Dr David Randall, DVM
His father established the clinic in 1977 and the the younger Dr. Randall always knew that he would follow closely in his father’s footsteps. Dr. Randall graduated from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 and began his career at Big Cypress Animal Clinic.

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  1. Hello, I own 3 German Rottweilers . Never had Issues with the mother or father. We ended up keeping one of the 12 pups my female had . He didn’t seem to show any signs of hip dysplasia until he was about 6 or 7 months . I did end up nutering him due to all 3 weren’t fixed and live inside together . ( eliminating the chance of inbreeding with his mother ) . The son has it in both hips already and he is only 2 years old. I have contacted most of owners of the other pups n they do not have any issues of this . . He is has been on these prescriptions .. Novax, Gabapentin, and now previcox which is very expensive… just for monthly doses .. will flex pet help out my rottie ? And will I still need to give him his prescription meds as well with flex pet ? Thank you

    1. Hi Julie. I apologize for the delay. Before I address you concerns, I do need to start by letting you know that you really do need to talk to a vet before changing any medication that your dog is on. You’re talking about prescription medication, so it is very important to talk to your vet in the process.

      With that said, Gabapentin is typically used for seizures. This is not something the Flexpet will be able to help with.

      Novax and Previcox are both used for pain relief. Provided that the pain is joint/arthritic in nature, Flexpet may very well be able to help. We don’t know the exact condition of your dog, but we do have many customers that use Flexpet and have been able to fully replace their prescription medication. What we would recommend is to try Flexpet for 1 month without altering your current medication (again, consult your vet as well). Because Flexpet is all-natural, it does not have side effects when interacting with other medications. Then as you see relief, you may be able to gradually decrease the current medication that your pet is on (you don’t want to do a sudden, drastic change).

      We also have a money back guarantee, so if you do try Flexpet and are not happy with the results, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund. If you have any other questions, feel free to call (or have your vet call) our customer care team at 1-800-505-0575. Thanks!

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