Medical Marijuana for Pets

DISCLAIMER: Flexcin International, Inc. does not condone or recommend the usage of marijuana for people or pets, we are merely reporting on the ever-increasing natural means of pain treatment in people and pets.

The majority of Americans seem to favor the legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. With the increasing popularity the drug has garnered in recent years, marijuana has been prescribed to treat an array of health conditions, diseases, and illnesses. Many people find relief through marijuana consumption without the negative side effects that prescription medications may cause. Now, anecdotal evidence suggests that our furry friends may also be able to find relief through the use of this drug.


Veterinarians have even begun to recommended marijuana in the treatment of older, pain-inflicted pets, as means of a natural joint pain relief. While marijuana is not a cure, it can help tremendously in easing their pain and restoring normal functions like appetite.


Currently medical marijuana is legal for people in nineteen states. Within said areas, physicians can recommend marijuana for patients, but such protections do not exist for veterinarians, and under federal law it is still considered an illicit drug.


There are numerous ongoing studies analyzing the validity of medical marijuana for pets, but the research could take years before such medication will be deemed safe and effective. Despite this, many pet owners are refusing to wait. Dog, cat, and even horse owners are sharing stories about how marijuana has made a tremendous difference in their pets’ lives.


Not everything is perfect however, pets can easily experience overdoses from the drug, as many veterinary clinics in states such as Colorado and California have seen since legalization. Fatalities too from overdosing are possible, but quite rare.


It is our responsibility as pet owners to make decisions regarding the health for our pets. We need to prioritize what is best for them before making a rash decision, or jumping to conclusions. The best thing we can do is rely on traditional treatments until more research is available, with evidence suggesting safety and effectiveness.


Do you have opinions on medical marijuana usage? Would you ever consider it for your sick pet if ample evidence suggested efficacy?

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