Living Harmoniously with Furry Friends

The physical and mental benefits of pet ownership have long been documented. When properly formed, the bond between human and furry friends can be very rewarding. However, because of our differences in needs and overall hygiene, maintaining a household suitable for both human and animal can be a little difficult. This becomes especially true when either inhabitant is of a very young or old age.


The following is a guideline that can help maintain an environment that both you, and your companion will be happy and healthy in.

Keep floors clean. Household floors are one of the primary surfaces for collecting dirt and bacteria. You and your pet can track in unwanted particles and organisms, which can quickly spread to other surfaces in the home. Try to sweep and mop at least once every couple days.


Keep your pet’s sleeping area separate from you own. As tempting as it is to have ‘Fido’ jump up into bed with you, doing so is a surefire way to get unwanted germs and bacteria into the place where you spend a third of each day. Also, make sure to wash your furry friend’s bed and sleeping area regularly.


Vacuum carpeting and furniture every couple of days. Pet dander, dust, and hair can collect pretty quickly in carpeted areas and on furniture. Vacuuming will eliminate these, as well as mites and other pests. Use a wet rag to dust hard furniture and surfaces.


Keep your pet’s food and water bowls out of the kitchen. Pet food can have contaminates that will affect us, but not our pets.


If you are a cat owner, purchase a covered litter box with a door, and be sure to clean and change the litter regularly.


A sanitary environment becomes even more a concern when your household has small children or elderly, as their immune systems are generally not as strong. With that said, maintaining a germ-free and clean environment is crucial for both you and your pet’s health.


What do you do to maintain a clean and harmonious home?

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