Laser Therapy for Pets Gaining Popularity

Laser therapy is a new, non-invasive treatment option for pets with issues like arthritis, inflammation, certain skin conditions, and, of course, pain from surgical incisions. Typically, it is used as a last-resort treatment option when others have failed to quell the pain.

Pet Therapy

How it Works

Laser therapy works by increasing blood flow to sites of inflammation and swelling (the source for pain). The additional blood flow stimulates the target site into producing anti-inflammatory chemicals, much like how a heated compact helps to ease pain caused by muscle and joint injuries.


A certified veterinary technician administers the treatment through a constantly moving laser, which passes over the affected regions in animal’s body. The treatment is not painful when performed correctly.


Who is it for?

The treatment is ideal for cats and dogs afflicted with arthritis, and other such inflammatory-type conditions. Animals with tumors should not receive this treatment, as it can cause the tumor to metastasize.


It is particularly helpful for felines, as they tend not to respond well to pain medications and other treatments. The laser treatment however, is quite expensive, which is why many resort to it when other treatments have been deemed unsuccessful.


Something to consider?

As mentioned earlier, laser treatment is typically used as a last-resort pain treatment. Many owners find success in first altering a few basic components of their pet’s lifestyle. For example, many pets get tremendous results from just a diet change and additional exercise, while others find success in natural supplements designed to reduce and eliminate joint pain and arthritis symptoms. Whichever path you take, it is always wise to first consult your veterinarian to weigh the options, choosing the best route for you and your furry friend!


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