How to Save on Pet Care without Cutting Corners

It’s no mystery that pets are expensive, and despite there being no surprise every prospective pet owner does research before taking the plunge, with tough economic times, everyone is finding ways to budget and save wherever possible. It is important to know where and how to save money on your pets without sacrificing their health and happiness. Here are a few tips for saving on pet care without cutting corners…


  • Veterinary Care: This is an area where cutting corners may not always be the best option, but is possible when done correctly. It is important to have routine visits regardless of your financial situation, but with a little searching you can find good deals on care. Many clinics now offer low-cost vaccination and checkup programs. If you have a veterinary school in your area, try that too, since many tend to offer highly discounted rates.
  • Pet Insurance: Humans are not the only ones with health insurance these days. Look into an insurance program for your friend, and think about long term cost savings!
  • Diet: This is another area where you should carefully examine your options. Opting for cheap, generic foods will only burn a hole in your pocket later on when your pet becomes ill, or has health issues related to low-quality food. Some pet food brands have subscription offers that reduce cost. Check websites such as to find deals and ratings on foods. Another option is learning how to make your own pet food at home.
  • Medications: If your pet relies on medications, the expenses can add up quickly. Rather than purchasing your medications from the vet or in a store, check websites for cheaper deals on the very same medications.
  • Boarding: Rather than choosing a place to board your pet that may be expensive for you and stressful for them, arrange with a friend or family member to take care of your pet within your own home while you’re away. It is often easier for your pet, and cheaper for you. Also, many young adults now offer their own pet-sitting services, just make sure the person you choose is responsible.


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