How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer Life


We don’t like to think about our dogs getting older. However, dogs have a much shorter life span than us. There is a popular misconception that each year of a dog’s life equals seven years of human life. Dogs age more rapidly than humans in their early stages of development. A report found that a 7-week-old puppy is similar in development to a 9-month-old human baby. Here is a more helpful breakdown of how dog years translate to human aging. This is according to the American Medical Veterinary Association.

  • The first year of a dog’s life equals 15 human years
  • By age two, dogs have aged approximately 24 human years
  • After that, each year totals roughly 4 to 5 human years to a dog

We all want our pets to live as long as possible. The good news is there are things we can do that may add a couple of years to their lives. Read on to learn about steps that can be taken to help your pet live a longer life in both quantity and quality.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

If you do just one thing on this list for your dog’s longevity, let it be this. Keep your pet at a healthy weight. Obesity is a problem not only in the American human population but our pets as well. It is estimated that more than 50% of U.S. dogs are overweight. This means ensuring your dog isn’t carrying excess weight. And, manage your pet’s caloric intake carefully. Not only will a lean, healthy body weight be better for your dog in the long term, it can also help to limit the impact of certain health conditions, such as arthritis.

Follow feeding guidelines as delegated by your vet. This is a starting point for how much to feed your dog. Keep in mind you may need to change food types or the amount you feed to maintain a healthy weight as your dog gets older. Furthermore, their food amount may vary depending on how much activity they get, too. Knowing exactly how much you are feeding your dog is also a good weight-management tool. You can measure or weigh their food rather than giving random scoops or filling their bowl. Also, be sure to look for healthy foods that are safe, taste good, and provide the nutrients your dog needs.

Exercise for a Longer Life

Exercise has many health benefits, both for our dogs and us. Physical activity helps to manage a dog’s body weight. Furthermore, it is also associated with anti-aging effects. Exercise alone won’t increase your dog’s lifespan. However, it might help protect you and your pooch from carrying excess body weight. And, research suggests that happy dog walks lead to happy dogs and owners. Exercise is proven to lower stress, increase endorphins, and balance mood and emotions in people and dogs alike. Exercise also helps your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass. Also, it helps keep your pet’s cardiovascular system in shape.

Teach Some New Tricks

It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Just like people, dogs thrive on mental stimulation to keep them happy. A bored dog can suffer from depression, anxiety, and even develop illnesses. You can extend your dog’s life by keeping him or her busy. Sign your pet up for advanced obedience training, or try out an agility course. You can also try puzzles toys or devise games that make them think. And, when it comes to mental stimulation, something is better than nothing. Even a 15-minute walk or game with your dog is helpful.

Maintain Joint Health

Just like us, a dog’s joints tend to stiffen up and get more painful as they age. Have you noticed your dog struggling to get up from bed or go upstairs? Achy joints are often to blame. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will help. Because additional weight only adds more strain to already sore joints. A great and simple thing you can do is to put your dog on a joint supplement like Flexpet. The anti-inflammatory properties of Flexpet are a wonderful way to naturally reduce their pain and help slow the progression of joint issues. Furthermore, even if your pet has not shown signs of joint pain yet Flexpet is a preventative supplement that will help keep his joints healthy longer.

Bonding with Your Pet

Finally, just like many other companion animals, dogs develop a clear attachment to their owners. The human-dog bond provides companionship. Many of us dog lovers describe them as family members. A stable bond with your pet helps maintain a happy and mutually beneficial partnership between you and your dog. Also, a close relationship with your pet can also help you recognize subtle changes in your dog’s behavior or movement that might signal potential health concerns.

Where there is compatibility between humans and dogs, this leads to a better relationship. Of course, it even benefits owners, too. Bonding with your pet provides stress relief. Sharing positive, fun experiences with your dog, are great ways to build your bond.

Flexpet Joint Supplements for Dogs

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At Flexpet, we care about you and your pets. We want to help you keep them as healthy as possible. We have a fantastic and knowledgeable customer care team available to answer any of your questions about our joint supplement products and how they may help your dog or cat. If your dog has joint pain issues, we invite you to try Flexpet today and start your dog on the journey to playing like a pup again. Flexpet is so confident it is the best joint supplement for dogs and cats it comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Our Flexpet joint care supplements have excellent reviews on social media. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, or by phone at 1-800-505-0575.

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