Holiday Gift Ideas for your Furry Friends

The holiday spirit is all about giving, so shouldn’t pets experience the benefits of this kind attitude? Choose the perfect gift for that special pooch or feline or any furry friends in your family.

Old Silver Persian cat, 12 years old

  1. New Leash and Harness: Give your dog the gift of exercise and comfort with a new leash and walking harness. Harnesses are designed to give you more control over your pooch, while preventing unnecessary tugging on their neck and spine that can eventually lead to injury.
  2. Gift Certificate for Grooming: Keeping your dog groomed and clean is a crucial part of their health. Think of the groomer as your pet’s version of the spa!
  3. Climbing Structure: Cats love to climb and hide. Every pet store sells specially designed structures for cats to climb and rest in. If worried about aesthetics, look for online retailers that sell modern and covert designs.
  4. Dog Booties: Dog’s paws are especially sensitive during the winter. Cold ground and salt, or de-icing chemicals, can quickly damage the soft pads on your pooch’s feet.
  5. New Brush: Almost every dog and cat enjoys a good brushing, it removes hair clumps and stimulates their coat and skin. Buy a brush designed specifically for your pet and breed.
  6. Promise to Walk More: Short on cash? Write out a promise to walk your pooch one additional time each day. Both you and your dog will benefit from the added exercise.
  7. Prescription Food: Prescription dog and cat foods contain much healthier ingredients, with higher quality control than standard or generic brands.
  8. DNA Test Kit: Find out exactly what breeds your mutt came from with a mail-in DNA test kit. This can help you address, or prevent specific issues that may be more common to certain breeds.
  9. Car Restraint: Animals that travel in vehicles are more prone to injury and fatalities in the event of an accident. There are several specially designed harnesses and restraints for use by your pet in an automobile.
  10. Care and Affection: Not every gift has to be purchased. By simply showing your pet more care and affection you improve their mental and physical health, all while developing a stronger bond.


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