Holiday Gift Guide for Arthritic Recipients

Giving is part of the holiday season, and we all know it’s far more satisfying giving that perfect gift or favor, rather than receiving it. As we get older choosing the right gift can be a little more daunting, especially when the receiver is struggling with arthritis. Does he really need another tie? Will this dress fit her? Let the person know you put a little more thought into their gift this year with these arthritis-friendly items!

Christmas Presents

Cooking Tools

There are a plethora of cooking tools and devices designed to make repetitive, difficult motions easy and seamless: specially designed knives with ergonomic grips, automatic can openers, and grippy cutting boards are just a few of the items you can find online and in kitchen supply stores.

Swiveling Seats

Seats that swivel are great for use in the kitchen, car, office, and garage. Look for portable, lightweight versions that can be used wherever getting in and out of something, or turning around, is required.

Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

Wine bottles can be difficult to open, even for the young and dexterous. Automatic openers require only the push of a button. Most home goods stores carry several varieties.

Yoga or Pilates Membership

Exercise is great for reducing arthritis pain and symptoms, while improving flexibility and mobility. Yoga and Pilates are both low-impact types of exercise that promote physical and mental health.

Massage Certificate

Whether it’s for the local massage center, or good for one free massage from you personally, everyone loves getting a good rubdown. Massages promote blood flow and ease muscle pain.

Arthritis Magazine Subscription

Magazines like Arthritis Today contain a wealth of information that can help improve an arthritic individual’s lifestyle and attitude. Plus, who doesn’t like perusing an interesting and informative periodical?

Relaxing Music CD

Studies have shown again and again that soothing music can induce the release of pain-reducing chemicals from the brain. Opt for classical or instrumental music, or if the recipient is picky, grab a gift card for a music store or digital music provider.


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