Help Your Dog Lose Weight in 3 Steps

Obesity is no longer just an issue within the human population. We’ve also sparked an epidemic among our canine counterparts, primarily by neglecting to follow a few simple rules when it comes to feeding ‘Fido’. Even if your pooch is already overweight, following these tips will help them lose weight.

Many people love their pets so much that they struggle with saying no to their dog’s desire for more food or an extra treat. While you may think you’re making them happy now, the resultant weight gain can cause a plethora of health issues for your pup in the future.

Man exercising dog in woodland

Limit the snacks: Pet snacks and treats tend to be calorie-dense, so a treat here and there can add up quick. Try to limit snacksto when you are positively reinforcing good behaviorwhile training your dog. Rather than use store-bought treats and snacks that can contain harmful ingredients or contamination, administer natural, whole foods you prepare at home.


Reduce food portions: Most pet owners don’t measure their pet’s food before dumping it into the bowl. Unlike us, dogs don’t typically understand when to stop eating. Use a measuring cup, or pet food scooper, to ensure you are giving your pet the recommended amount of food for each meal. If your pet has a weight issue, speak with your veterinarian to determine the exact amount of food to give your pet for each meal.


Exercise more: While this may seem obvious, most pets don’t receive near the amount of exercise they require to maintain a healthy weight. Your dog should be getting a minimum of two walks per day. Each walk should be at least 15-20 minutes, although longer is usually better. Walking or jogging with your dog will not only help to keep them healthy and in shape, but you’ll get exercise as well. A game of fetch is another means to help your pooch burn some extra calories.


While it may require a little more effort on your behalf to keep your dog in shape, maintaining a healthy weight will help prevent complications that come with being overweight, which can negatively impact your dog, and your wallet.


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