Heartworm Prevention: Imperative to your Dog’s Well-Being

Preventative treatment is a crucial aspect of pet ownership. Whether it concerns arthritis, heartworm, or rabies—prevention is always easier than a cure. Unfortunately, heartworm is something that is extremely difficult and expensive to cure, and often leaves permanent damage. Ironically, it is also one of the easiest and cheapest issues to prevent.

photodune-195873-left-out-of-the-pack-cute-puppy-dogs-xsHeartworms are typically transmitted through mosquito bites. After infection, symptoms may not arise for several years until heart damage is severe. For this reason, prevention should be a priority.

The worms themselves can grow to a length of 12 inches and live inside a canine for 5 years. Pulmonary arteries and even the heart cavities can become clogged and cease to function. Transmission rates are much higher than commonly thought, in fact, some shelters estimate that 10 percent of rescued dogs are infected.

Heartworm prevention is as easy as administering a soft chew tablet to your pooch once a month. The tablets also help to prevent other intestinal parasites such as roundworm and hookworm, so there really is no excuse not to. Some of the medications can even prevent fleas and ticks, offering a more comprehensive approach.

Here at Flexcin and FlexPet, our customers’ health is of utmost importance. A comprehensive health plan is built on a foundation of prevention. Heart, joint, and mental health are commonly stressed as the top priorities—and for a good reason. Without properly addressing one component, the others cannot truly flourish.

What will you do to ensure your pet maintains good joint, heart, and mental health?

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