Go “Green” with Pets

With overpopulation and over-consumption plaguing modern society, the push for going “green” is more than just an attempt to save our resources for future generations. It is the foundation for a new way of living, which will lend sustainability and responsibility to our “disposable” mindset. You may already practice some “green” lifestyle choices, but did you know pets can be “green” too?

A pet cat eating smelling fresh grass


First and foremost, the origins of your newly acquired pet can make a big difference. Shelters are overcrowded and overpopulated as is. Adopting can help reduce the negative environmental impact of puppy mills and pets stores that carelessly raise and market their animals.


Spay or Neuter your Pet

After adopting a new pet, your first task should be ensuring that it gets properly ‘fixed’ (neutered). This will help prevent the issue of overpopulation and uncontrolled breeding, both of which carry environmental consequences. Luckily, if you adopted, most shelters will provide the operation free of charge, which is yet another reason to adopt.


Buy “Green” Toys and Accessories

We all like to spoil our pooches and felines, but oftentimes those rubber balls and toys end up in a landfill, or lost in the yard, eventually polluting the environment. Most pet stores now sell “green” toys and accessories made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials, such as hemp. While they may be slightly more expensive, over the long term they are far better for the environment and your pet.



Composting is already a great household way to go green, but did you know you could add ‘Fluffy’s poop’ into the compost pile? Pets generate a lot of waste, and most ends up encapsulated in plastic baggies, or left outside where it can contaminate water sources. Note: While you can use compost that’s comprised of their poop for flowers and other plants, it is not advisable to use such for plants that produce your fruits and vegetables.


How do you contribute to the “green” movement?


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