Five Simple Ways To Boost Your Pet’s Immune System

boost your pet's immune system

With the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, there are a lot of unknown factors regarding this disease. Can dogs and cats get it? Can it be passed from animals to humans and vice versa? There are conflicting reports regarding these questions, where the answer may be to take the safest approach. If you are sick with the virus the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends isolating yourself from pets and others. One thing we should all be doing is boosting our and our pet’s immunity to getting sick. We have outlined five simple ways to boost your pet’s immune system.

Regular Veterinary Checkups

The best way to build a strong immune system in your pet is to start on day one. When you adopt a kitten or a puppy, one of the first things you should do is schedule him or her for a veterinarian checkup. Depending on where you adopted your pet, the wellness checkup might have been done prior to adoption. A vet can do a general checkup and give the necessary shots to keep them healthy and to start building their immune systems. Even if you have adopted an older animal, you can still take him or her in for a checkup and get updated on the necessary or recommended vaccines. Keeping up with regular wellness check-ups recommended by your veterinarian will also help to keep your pet healthy and on the right track to having a strong immunity.

Keeping Your Pet Clean

Everyone knows proper hygiene is important for our health. This applies to our pets as well. Dog and cats’ bodies have a different way of dealing with unclean things, after all, they sniff and lick all sorts of stuff they encounter. Dogs especially instinctually like to roll in foul-smelling things they may encounter. But at the same time, they do spend time licking and cleaning themselves, too. However, bathing your pet regularly is important to their health. Maintaining proper hygiene is an important factor in boosting your pet’s immune system. 

Each day, your pet encounters dirt and bacteria. While some bacteria and parasites actually help strengthen your pet’s immune system, there needs to be a balance. Keeping your pet clean with regular washings will allow more immune reserves for more dire situations. Bear in mind that “regular” doesn’t mean “constant” – if your pet is too clean, the immune system may get weaker. Some pets require more washings than others depending on the level of activity and exposure to the outdoors. If you are unsure how often to bathe your pet consult with your vet for advice.

Proper Diet

Your veterinarian may also have some helpful tips on what kind of food to feed your dog or cat. But keep in mind they may be required to push a certain brand of food. You can also do some research on your own, by paying attention to high-quality ingredients. Talk to friends and relatives about what pet foods they found healthiest to use. Select a blend that is appropriate for your pet’s age, size, and breed. Avoid overfeeding and feeding them table scraps, which may add extra weight or cause digestive issues that can be difficult to recover from and compromise their immune systems.

Regular Exercise

We all know how important regular exercise is to staying healthy, but many pets still don’t get an adequate amount. Rather than just going around the block for a bathroom walk, take your pet out often and encourage him or her to run and play. Not only is exercise great for your pet’s physical health, but simply having contact with you can minimize stress, and help keep their immunity strong.


To increase the effectiveness of the immune system, you may consider supplementing your pet’s diet with certain nutrients. There are many different supplements on the market to help keep our pets as healthy as possible. Probiotics can be a good way to keep the digestive tract healthy by introducing beneficial microorganisms to the body. Keep in mind that the canine microbiome differs from ours, so when choosing pet supplements it is important to choose ones designed specifically for pets.

A natural anti-inflammatory supplement like Flexpet can help to keep the immune system in balance. When the body is stressed and inflamed it triggers an overactive immune system which in the long run decreases immunity. Flexpet contains anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as immunity-boosting vitamin C.

Veterinarian Dr. David Randall discusses the importance of vaccinations for pets.

Because our beloved dogs and cats can’t tell us when they are feeling under the weather, it’s vitally important to monitor their health carefully and consistently. Fortunately, by building and maintaining a healthy immune system for them, you are decreasing your pet’s chances of infection and illness and ultimately extending their life. At Flexpet, we care about animals and keeping them as healthy as possible. We have a fantastic and knowledgeable customer care team available to answer any of your questions about our products and how they may help your four-legged friend. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, or by phone at 1-800-505-0575.

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