dogs personality

Your Dog’s Personality Changes With Age

dogs personality

Dogs are a lot like us. Just like humans, a dog’s personality changes over time with age. A recent scientific study monitored the behavior of several hundred dogs. The resulting discovery is that a dog’s personality shares many similar characteristics to that of humans. Amongst the findings, older dogs are found to be less active or excitable in comparison to younger dogs. And, aggression and responsiveness to training are highest among 6 to 8-year-old dogs. A dog’s personality is associated with important situations such as chronic health conditions and human-dog relationships.

It only seems logical that dogs will decrease activity as they age. However, their curiosity levels also decrease as they get older. In the study, dogs were given an exploration test, a frustration test, a novel object test, a ball playing test, an obedience test, and a problem-solving test. These tests took place repeatedly at different times in their lives.

Using the test results, researchers found that dogs’ attentiveness and problem-solving skills improve until around 6 years of age. Curiosity, seeking play, and enjoyment for new situations, declines after the age of three. Furthermore, dogs’ ability to tolerate frustration and desire to socialize both remain the same over their first four years. However, activity levels unsurprisingly decrease as they age.

Dog’s Personality Changes

When the researchers did a comparison with the dogs, they found that the most active and curious ones in the first test were still the most active and curious ones four years later. However, individually these dogs were less active and curious than the previous tests.

The findings of this study are good news for people who may have over active puppies. As these dogs get older the dog’s personality will change or mature. In other words a hyper dog will eventually settle down and chill out.

As dogs get older, their activity levels will certainly decrease. This is important because disease and chronic health issues often creep up with age. Exercise and diet are very important preventatives to maintain good health. So, as your pet ages, you may want to consider a supplement to keep joints healthy.

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