Dog DNA Test Kits – What Do They Do?

dog dna test

DNA tests are very popular these days for humans and lately, even for pets. These genetic tests are very similar for both humans and pets. Dog DNA test kits retrieve results similar to the human version. Dog DNA tests can let you know things such as your dog’s breed down to 1%. The results also give information on overall temperament, ancestral history and can even alert to any potential health problems.

The way to test your dog starts with ordering a kit and obtain a saliva sample from your dog. Next, you send it to a lab, which will analyze your dog’s genetic material and send back a report. The information tells you what breeds make up your pooch and other genetic health information.

Whether you have a pure breed or a rescue dog that is a mix, it can be interesting and entertaining to know more about your pet’s heritage. Dog DNA test kits claim to check over 350 different breeds including coyotes and wolves. 

Breed and Health Reports

To determine your dog’s breed results, the dog DNA testing company puts the saliva sample you send onto a DNA reader, known as a chip. Then a. computer genotypes the sample along targeted gene points called markers. The computer algorithm reads the markers and identifies billions of possible ancestry combinations. The program then gives a reading to the dog’s breed or mix.

These dog DNA tests also have an option to pay an additional $50 to $100 for information on inherited-disease detection. Some of the more popular dog DNA test kits claim to check for 170+ health issues. However, pet owners should be cautious. These tests do not actually address specific health issues in your dog. Rather, they give general indications toward a specific breed. Dogs of the same breed may carry a specific genetic disease that is known to be in the breed, but not every dog will have it. Testing for specific genetic diseases may be available from your veterinarian. Especially if there is a concern, or your dog shows symptoms.

Dog DNA Tests are Not Designed to Skip Regular Vet Checkups

If you choose to have your dog DNA tested, it is recommended that you take the results the next time you visit your vet. That way your vet may be able to determine if there might be any health issues in the breeds found in your dog. This can allow you to take preventative measures. And, your vet can help guide you through future disease prevention. Also, remember these tests should be taken more as entertainment instead of scientific data. They are designed to give you a fun glimpse into the DNA makeup of your special pet.

Dog DNA test kits range between $100-$200. To choose a company to provide you with a DNA report, due your due diligence. Read the reviews, and make a decision based on customer feedback.

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