Do you Suffer from a Repetitive Motion Injury?

Did you know that the repetitive motions of daily living can bring about health complications? If you already suffer from one of these common issues, you are most likely aware. Regardless, these injuries are among the most common in the United States, accounting for more than 50% of all athletic-related injuries, with Tendinitis and Bursitis being the most prevalent.

Close-up Of Man Wearing Knee Brace

These two conditions are quite similar in terms of symptoms, and can even coexist. Both are caused by one primary factor: inflammation. One affects the tendons in, and around the joints, while the other targets the bursa sacs around specific joint areas.

The causes of repetitive motion injuries, such as the aforementioned, include: activities that stress particular joints on a regular basis, trauma from an injury, crystal deposits from gout, and systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. These microscopic tears in the tendons and bursae lead to inflammation and thus pain.

Symptoms typically include pain associated with specific body movements, tenderness in a particular area, swelling, and skin that appears red, feeling warm to the touch.

How to Treat

If you believe you are suffering from a repetitive motion injury, there are several things you can do to relieve the symptoms, provided they are not too severe. Using cold and hot compresses can work to relieve swelling and improve blood flow, temporarily providing pain relief. For extended treatment and relief, supplements for joint pain like Flexcin are designed to reduce inflammation and lubricate joints, providing relief from arthritis and repetitive motion injuries.

If your pain is severe and symptoms persist, you should consult your physician for other means of treatment; if conditions have advanced too far, surgery may be required.


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