Choosing Effective Joint Supplement for Pets

When it comes to your furry friend’s health, you want the best. Besides exercise and a healthy diet, which are essential to maintaining good health, supplementation can be another extremely effective means of ensuring the vitality of your pet. With arthritis and hip dysplasia extremely common in dogs and cats, particularly as they begin to age, choosing the best supplement can make a huge difference in your pet’s joint health.


The primary issue with supplements is that the FDA does not regulate them. Some manufacturers could potentially falsely advertise the ingredients, sources of ingredients, and the amounts in the product. This complicates and confuses the process of selecting an effective supplement for your pet.


“No one wants to waste money on a supplement that doesn’t work.”


Doing research is critical if you wish to choose the most effective supplement. Rather than read testimonials or claims by the manufacturer, look for actual scientific evidence of the product’s efficacy. For example, while we do have a large number of great testimonials from our customers here at FlexPet, we also have numerous clinical studies citing the efficacy of the ingredients in our products.


Reliable manufacturers like us, also strive to maintain product integrity through rigorous manufacturing standards and frequent product testing. Over a decade of product testing and development has allowed us to create a truly comprehensive formula that shows results. After all, our customers and their furry friends’ health take priority when it comes to our practices.


Throughout the years we have helped thousands of pets achieve optimum joint health. Every day we receive inquiries from potential customers distraught by the ineffectiveness of other joint supplement brands. After trying FlexPet for several weeks, those same customers often phone back in amazement at how well our product has worked – no more cat or dog joint pain. Don’t just take my word for it though – research the effectiveness of our product. Your pet will be forever grateful.


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