Chiropractic Care Isn’t Just for Humans Anymore

Millions of patients around the world rely on, and swear by their chiropractors for pain relief for a multitude of issues. Not only has chiropractic care been a mainstay for pain relief among humans, but the equine world has long benefited from the same. Now, the practice is expanding, gaining popularity with household pets.


Chiropractic care is being used to treat arthritis, joint pain, sprains, alignments, and other pain-related ailments in household pets. Most owners swear by the treatment’s efficacy, which seems to correlate with a rapidly growing industry. Surprisingly, the practice of veterinary chiropractic originated in 1895, but did not gain a wide appeal until 1987. Only in the last decade, with the proliferation of holistic and natural treatments, has it truly seen a significant expansion.

Though chiropractic care still remains somewhat controversial, studies have shown it to be more effective than prescription pills for conditions like neck and back pain. Unfortunately, there are few studies showing the efficacy of chiropractic care for animals, with most of the forefront data being anecdotal evidence.

Veterinary chiropractic care has a few benefits not typically associated with other means of treatment. It’s far less invasive than typical treatments, like drugs and surgery, and oftentimes is much cheaper. The one caveat is finding a certified and reputable practitioner. The way regulations are currently set up, makes it difficult for veterinarians to be qualified as licensed chiropractic doctors. For this reason, many use different titles.

Conduct your own research, ask around, and, of course, consult your veterinarian. Chances are, there is a qualified practitioner for pets in, or around your local area.

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