Celebrating Thanksgiving with your Pets

It’s that time of year where friends and family gather to celebrate each other, and the fortunes that have been bestowed upon our lives. As family, our pets will be joining in on the celebrations and festivities, so it’s important to make sure you keep them safe – avoid any potential dangers that can arise from sharing foods and treats this season.


First, a dog or cat’s intestinal tract and digestive system is dramatically different from our own, in terms of processing abilities. Whereas humans may be able to digest holiday foodstuffs with extra butter, oil, gravy, and spice – albeit not perfectly – our pets cannot. These greasy, buttery, and oily foods should not be shared with pets.


If you do feel the need to share a little with your pet in the spirit of the season, and who doesn’t, try to stick with plainer foods such as a crust of bread, or plain potatoes. Bones should be avoided at all costs due to the nature of splintering and chipping, especially when from poultry. White meat turkey can be shared in small quantities, and vegetables are always permissible, provided they aren’t coated in the aforementioned substances.


Portion control is another factor to be aware of, particularly when your entire family is so generous. It may be difficult to actively monitor who is feeding what to your furry friend. Try and make it known to your family and friends that they should avoid the temptation of sharing food with your pet, as it’s in the interest of your furry friend’s health and safety.


It’s important to remember that crowded homes and busy parties can put undue stress on your pet as well, especially considering that Halloween and its associated festivities were so recent. If your pet is easily stressed, or has anxiety issues, keep them in a quiet or confined area.


With a little planning and preparation, Thanksgiving can be happily shared with humans and animals alike. After all, they’re an essential component of the family too!


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