4 Things Most Cat Owners Don’t Understand or Recognize

Let’s face it, dogs are a little easier to understand than cats. Cats are more mysterious and independent creatures, which suits some people’s personalities better than dogs. The sad news is that many of those people don’t often understand a lot of their kitty’s behavior and tendencies. Luckily, we are here to help explain to cat owners some of your feline’s weird and strange behaviors, and what you may be doing wrong in response.

Cat's hides in the bag

Training. Most cat owners don’t think it’s possible to train their cat, when, in fact, most cats are trainable. Make life a little easier, train your kitten to relax into in their carrier on command. Use treats and toys to acclimatize your kitten to any enclosure. This will make veterinary trips much easier down the road.

Speech. A cat’s meow generally has a purpose. In fact, cats can have around ten different meows to signify an array of feelings or needs. Listen to your cat and try to develop an ear for what they’re communicating.

A variety of feelings and emotions. Cats are sometimes falsely understood as being emotionless creatures driven by instinct. However, studies have shown felines to have the mental faculties that drive many of the same emotions humans and cat owners experience.

Toys that fall apart. Although as economically minded pet owners we may be inclined to purchase these so-called “indestructible” toys, our cats actually prefer the ones they can tear apart. These toys appeal more to the hunter instincts that felines are driven by. Just make sure to purchase toys approved for cats, to prevent any choking hazards.

These are only a few of the misunderstood and unrecognized facets of feline behavior. Until we develop a way to communicate with our pets, we will continue to learn and discover more about our furry friends through experience and study.

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