Cat & Dog Treats Recalled for Antibiotic Contamination

In a series of recent pet food debacles, there is, yet again, been a recall issued because of unsafe ingredients and/or contamination. This time, Los Angeles based manufacturing company, “Arthur Dogswell LLC”, who distributes treats for dogs & cats, has found an antibiotic residue not approved for use in the United States contained within some of their products. Although the company claims the treats should not pose a health risk to pets or people, the treats have been withdrawn and recalled.


“Dogswell” and “Catswell” jerky treats made with chicken or duck, and having a “best before” date of January 28th 2015 (which can be found printed on the back, lower right corner of the package), are being withdrawn because of the contamination. The products being withdrawn include Chicken Breast and Duck Breast jerky under the Breathies label, Happy Heart, Happy Hips, Mellow Mut, Shape Up, Veggie Life, Vitality and Vitakitty brands


Although the antibiotic in question is approved for use with poultry in other parts of the world, it has yet to be approved in the United States. The substance was found by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets during routine product testing. Sadly, product contamination and unsafe foods often make their way onto store shelves. In the past six months alone, there have been numerous cases of pet food and treat contamination. Jerky treats have been at the center of attention, as China has produced the vast majority of such treats in unsanitary conditions, with limited quality control and testing.


For now, it would seem best to avoid jerky treats marketed for cats and dogs because of this recurring issue. Instead, try using natural, whole foods as a pet treat alternative, and check out Flexcin’s pet treat recommendations for other healthy options.


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