Can Owning a Pet Improve a Healthy Lifestyle?

Deciding whether to purchase or adopt a pet is a big decision that should be considered carefully. Since pets are not disposable goods, you are essentially making a decade-plus commitment to the care and ownership of another living being. While it is important to understand the responsibilities and commitment of pet ownership, perhaps you should also consider what benefits you may derive from such an adventure.

Pretty Young Woman With Her Pet Pug

According to research, those who own pets generally lead a more active, healthy lifestyle than those who do not. In order to keep a pet healthy, owners are subconsciously motivated to simultaneously maintain their own health. This occurs through several direct and indirect means.


First and foremost, to some degree owning a pet is going to require a certain amount of exercise. Obviously, a dog requires walking – an activity which inherently burns calories and promotes activity. The more you walk your dog, the greater both of you benefit from the exercise.


Pets also provide the companionship that most people cannot. Being ever-present and sharing unconditional love can have a profound impact on one’s psyche. In fact, animals are now commonly used to provide relief and companionship to people stuck in hospitals or rehabilitation centers. The simple act of petting or holding an animal can stimulate the brain to release pleasurable chemicals.


Since pets are somewhat time consuming, they also provide a means for entertainment and friendship, especially for those whose lives are not as busy. This is an essential part of determining whether you are ready for pet ownership in the first place. Pets can give purpose and meaning to someone’s life that has become stagnant or consolidated.


Pets can indeed improve your lifestyle under the right conditions. Knowing whether your life can accommodate another responsibility is crucial. Under the wrong circumstances, a pet can add stress and anxiety. Do not take the decision of pet ownership lightly – weigh the pros and cons prior to making any decisions. Like any aspect of life, preparation is the key to success.


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