Boosting your Dog’s Health with 5 Fruits and Vegetables

Most pet owners stick to store-bought foods, not knowing the benefits that whole, natural foods can actually provide their dogs health. While many pet foods advertise that they are made with whole food ingredients like fruits and vegetables, nothing quite provides the vitamin and mineral content of the whole vegetable or fruit itself.

Woman with dog and basket of vegetables

With the past several years of continuing pet food and treat contamination, you can be assured that feeding your dog a fruit or vegetable from the fridge will be far safer than any treat bought at the local pet store. Here are a few fruits and vegetables that have been deemed safe and healthy for your pet by veterinarians.

  • Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are nutritious and easy on the digestive tract. They are chock full of vitamins and have been shown to promote heart health and weight management.
  • Watermelon. Watermelon is composed mostly of water (hence the name), but has beneficial effects on skin health. Not to mention it will help keep “Fido” hydrated.
  • Carrots. As you probably already know, carrots are great for eye health. They also promote dental health, helping to clean teeth as pets chew them.
  • Celery. Celery is an extremely low-calorie food composed of a variety of nutrients beneficial for pet health. Not only are they healthy, but they can freshen your dog’s breath.
  • Apples. Apples are a good source of vitamin A and C. They also have a lot of fiber that can help improve your pooch’s digestion. Just be sure not to feed your dog the core or seeds, as they may present a choking hazard.

By feeding your pet these nutritious snacks as an alternative to store-bought treats, you can help to improve their overall health and body composition, while avoiding the potential for illness from contaminated imports.

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