joint care chews for dogs

Joint Care Chews For Dogs

For pet lovers, nothing is more difficult to see than a dog or cat suffering from pain. Joint diseases in pets limit their movement, cause severe discomfort, cause stress and sometimes even aggression. Even before these problems occur it is important to look out for the welfare of your pet. Joint care chews for dogs and cats can help provide

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best joint supplement

How to Choose the Best Joint Supplement For Dogs and Cats

 More and more people are conscious of their diets and supplements when it comes to joint health. They are also increasingly asking about what they’re giving their pets, searching for supplements with ingredients on par with what they would consume themselves. Just like us, our pets get the same joint aches and pains as they enter their senior years. It’s hard

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dogs coronavirus

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

Back in May, we wrote a blog about pets and Coronavirus. Now we are into the warm Summer months and the pandemic appears to still be a serious problem, especially in the Southern and Western United States. We are revisiting this topic to share what is known about the question: Can dogs get Coronavirus? In the concern over the spread

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dog joint health

Dog Joint Health: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to dog joint health, we want to keep our pets as mobile and free from pain and inflammation as possible. Most dogs will suffer from joint issues at some point in their life. Arthritis affects dogs as commonly as it does humans. We have put together some frequently asked questions regarding dog joint health causes and treatments.

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dog allergies

Hay Fever, Pollen, Seasonal Allergies and Pets

Can Dogs be Affected by Seasonal Allergies? Dogs and cats can suffer from seasonal allergies and hay fever from pollen, just like humans. Allergies in pets are common. And, it’s that time of year when you might notice your pet scratching, sneezing, or coughing. This is especially true if the windows are open. The spring allergy season is expected to

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Signs of DCM in Dogs

Signs of DCM in Dogs

Canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a cardiac disease that results in a decreased ability of the heart to generate pressure to pump blood through a dog’s vascular system. The cause of canine DCM is subject to debate. However, a number of common factors including nutritional, infectious, and genetic predisposition are known to occur. Dog breeds that have a predisposition to

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homemade dog food

Homemade Dog Food Recipe For Senior Dogs

A trending question we often see is an inquiry for a healthy homemade dog food recipe. We did some research to look for a vet-approved do it yourself recipe that would benefit senior dogs. The best part about making homemade dog food, just like making anything at home, is that you know exactly what is going into the dog bowl. Sometimes the

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dog sleeping

Is My Dog Sleeping Too Much?

For the past couple of months, many of us are spending more time at home than we have in the past due to the health pandemic. Because of this, many of us are paying more attention to our pets’ behavior. We are paying closer attention to their patterns and habits because we are spending more time together. Many people are

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dogs lick their paws

7 Reasons Why Dogs Lick Their Paws

We all notice dogs licking their paws from time to time. It’s normal for dogs to lick and clean their paws occasionally, but excessive paw-licking may be a sign of a health problem. If you see your dog frequently licking his or her paws, it might be time to take action to figure out the cause. Dogs rely on healthy paws

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