overweight dog

The Effects of Being Overweight on Dogs

Did you know that joint stiffness is one of the most common issues that can affect your dog’s health? And, just like in humans, one of the main reasons for joint stiffness in dogs is excess weight. More than half of dogs and cats in North America are overweight or obese. Obesity in pets is now the most important disease process

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senior dog

What to Know When Adopting a Senior Dog

Everyone loves a puppy. We get it. Puppies are super adorable. It makes sense that the default choice when adopting a new dog is to go with a younger pup. However, it may surprise you how rewarding it can be to adopt an older or senior dog.  If you are thinking about adding a new pet to your family, on

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Dehydration in Dogs – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Dehydration in dogs is a common emergency – especially during the heat of summer. When a dog’s body loses more water and electrolytes than they are consuming, they will suffer from dehydration. Furthermore, they are put in danger of developing serious issues with their internal organs, body temperature, joints, and digestion. Dogs, just like people, require access to fresh water

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summer dog

Keeping Your Pet Safe at the Summer Barbecue

Summer is back in full swing again. It’s a time to break out the grill and have a fun barbecue with friends. But it can also be quite dangerous for your dog. New people, strange smells, tempting foods, and loud noises can all present hazards to your pooch. As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure our four-legged family

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paw licking

Why is My Dog Suddenly Licking Their Paws?

Chewing and licking paws is a common pet trait. while occasional paw licking can be normal behavior for dogs, excessive licking and chewing are not. If your pet seems to be suddenly obsessively chewing or licking paws this should never be considered normal. It is often a sign of something more serious going on with your pet.  There may be

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How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer Life

We don’t like to think about our dogs getting older. However, dogs have a much shorter life span than us. There is a popular misconception that each year of a dog’s life equals seven years of human life. Dogs age more rapidly than humans in their early stages of development. A report found that a 7-week-old puppy is similar in

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hearing loss

How to Recognize Hearing Loss in Dogs – Symptoms and Management

Oftentimes senior dogs will develop and suffer from hearing impairment as they age. They may become less responsive to you and the world around them. Your ability to communicate with your dog becomes more difficult when your pet can’t hear what you have to say. This can be frustrating for you and stressful for your dog as well. However, there

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How to Safely Exercise an Arthritic Dog

Arguably, the best prevention and treatment for a dog who suffers from arthritis is exercise. However, you will want to do this safely to avoid further injuring your pet. Dogs with arthritis may not be able to keep up with their old exercise routine. but it is essential to encourage activity to help prevent further stiffening of joints, weight gain,

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Turmeric – Can Dogs Take it For Joint and Bone Health?

Stiff and achy joints can be painful and frustrating. To avoid expensive medications and the potentially harmful side effects to their pet, many people turn to natural anti-inflammatory options. There are a variety of studies that show how conventional medication can result in horrible side effects that can harm your furry companion. You don’t want your dog to go through

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pet joint pain

Reduce Pet Joint Pain Naturally

Pet joint pain and arthritis in dogs do not have a cure. And, as your pet ages, it’s not always possible to prevent it. However, there are things you can do at home to help ease and even delay the onset of this debilitating disease. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight, regular exercise, routine veterinary care, and joint supplements

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