Your Dog’s Development and Diet

A puppies’ life during its first year is a critical period. Many of their body’s important systems are undergoing key development cycles and changes during this period. The skeletal system is especially vulnerable, and a variety of factors can have influence on its development. Proper nutrition is essential if you wish to avoid any musculoskeletal problems in your pooch.

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Pets

Recent studies have revealed that stem cells can be extremely helpful in the treatment of arthritis in our furry friends. The procedure, first brought to the market in 2004, has gained popularity across the nation. Medical advancements and experience have allowed the procedure to become more commonplace, significantly driving down costs. In fact, many veterinarians can now perform the procedure …

Your Pet’s Joint Health

Pets have health issues just like their human companions. The major difference, unfortunately, is that they cannot communicate health issues and problems through any means other than visual symptoms. Due to this language barrier, it is our responsibility as owners to ensure that we not only treat, but also prevent health problems. Luckily, one of the most common issues is …

Arthritis-Friendly Home in 4 Steps

Living with arthritis can be difficult and painful, so why end up making things more difficult for yourself? Adhering to just a few simple tips and tricks, you can make your home far more arthritis-friendly!

Living Harmoniously with Furry Friends

The physical and mental benefits of pet ownership have long been documented. When properly formed, the bond between human and furry friends can be very rewarding. However, because of our differences in needs and overall hygiene, maintaining a household suitable for both human and animal can be a little difficult. This becomes especially true when either inhabitant is of a …

Dogs Improve Heart Health

When coming home after a long day, any disappointment, stress, or unhappiness is instantly defeated the moment I open the door and see my pooch anxiously awaiting my arrival. Anyone who’s owned a pet can relate to the feeling. Aside from the obvious emotional benefit, new research indicates pet ownership can have another extremely beneficial health effect.

Protect Your Pet from the Summer Heat

With summer rapidly upon us, so increases the warm weather. Temperatures rise severely and sadly, even night doesn’t appear to bring any relief. For these reasons, it is extremely important to ensure your pet is cool and comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, heat stroke claims the lives of many dogs during this time of the year, which is especially cruel …

Easily Prevent Pet Arthritis

Arthritis is as common in our pets as it is in us. As our pets age, they encounter more health complications (like dog joint pain) and issues, arthritis being one of the most prevalent. Despite how common the issue has become, there is one easy way to help prevent its onset that people often neglect.

Your Pet’s Natural Disaster Plan

In the wake of the severe tornado that struck the town of Moore, Oklahoma, we see why natural disaster preparation is so important. The category EF-5 storm affected more than 13,000 homes, leaving hundreds of pets injured, (some now with chronic dog joint pain) lost, or worse. With just a few simple steps, you can be prepared for a similar …

Choosing Effective Joint Supplement for Pets

When it comes to your furry friend’s health, you want the best. Besides exercise and a healthy diet, which are essential to maintaining good health, supplementation can be another extremely effective means of ensuring the vitality of your pet. With arthritis and hip dysplasia extremely common in dogs and cats, particularly as they begin to age, choosing the best supplement …