An Imperative Vaccine for your Pets Health

All too often veterinarians are presented with a sick pet, only to discover that the owners had neglected to have their pet vaccinated. Even if your pet remains in the safety and confines of your home, they are still prone to come in contact with a variety of illnesses. Most of these are easily preventable with a relatively inexpensive vaccination. One in particular can save you and your pet a great deal of grief, trouble, and money.

Man taking dog to the vet

The Parvovirus is a serious disease that attacks the GI tract and digestive system, causing inflammation and the consequent destruction of cells in the stomach. The small intestine becomes hindered, preventing nutrient absorption, with the large intestine expelling fluids and blood. The most common symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.


Left untreated, a very high percentage of pets will die within weeks of contraction. Even with treatment, one quarter of pooches with the disease will not survive. Treatment is extremely expensive, and as with any virus, antibiotics will not work. In addition, the pet must be carefully monitored and treated while the virus runs its course. Treatment can quickly and easily exceed $1,000.


The virus is easily prevented through vaccination. Most dogs receive the vaccination as a puppy, though it can administered at any point in their life. Regardless of the initial vaccination expense, one thing is true… prevention is far cheaper than treatment.


This is another example of how preventative treatment is so crucial for responsible pet ownership. A few simple steps is all it takes to ensure your pet has a healthy, long life.

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