Alternative Therapies and Holistic Care Right for your Pet?

The past decade has seen an exponential increase in the availability and demand for alternative therapies and health care treatments for domesticated animals and humans alike. Many owners claim that the holistic approach of utilizing alternative therapies grants benefits and longevity that traditional veterinary medicine might not. Depending on the health condition of your pet, some treatments and therapies may be more or less suitable than others.

Holistic veterinary medicine interprets the entire “picture” of an animal’s health, in both the diagnosis and treatment of conditions or issues. Problems may be addressed through combinations of conventional, alternative, and complementary treatments.

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How it Works:

Holistic treatment begins with an evaluation of the pet’s medical history, current health condition, behavior, environment, and diet. After careful consideration, the expert decides on a specific modality of treatment, whether that be through single or comprehensive means, is dependent on the condition.

Almost all treatments within holistic medicine are natural, non-invasive, and focus on wellbeing in addition to an overall improvement of quality of life. Treatments can include chiropractic care, acupuncture, supplementation and diet modification among others.

Should your Pet receive Holistic Care?

Holistic treatments aim to not only address present problems, but to prevent future issues and complications through addressing all aspects of a healthy life. While the efficacy of certain holistic treatment regimens is unclear, many owners swear by the results and condition of their pets after a transition to a more comprehensive lifestyle approach, rather than the ‘reactionary’ type that traditional medicine involves.

Certain pet health issues may require immediate, and drastic action. These kinds of conditions lend themselves to the reactionary solutions that conventional medicine offers. While alternative treatments have their uses in addressing certain issues already at hand, they are far more useful in the prevention of issues later on. A comprehensive approach to pet health utilizing both conventional and alternative treatments, will ensure your pet the best chances of lifelong health and wellbeing.

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