A Pet’s Diet Impacts their Health

Diet is a crucial and often overlooked component of a healthy lifestyle. The same that goes for humans, applies to animals as well. Food is our fuel, and the better quality fuel we get, the better our figurative “engine” runs. A constant input of subpar fuel will bring about a plethora of issues. Below are several examples of how your pet’s diet affects their health.


Body Weight


Two major factors influence your pet’s body mass index: exercise and diet. One without the other is useless. Your pet should be administered a diet consisting of healthy foods in moderate amounts. Your veterinarian can help you determine the exact amount of food to keep your pet’s weight under control and in good shape.




A diet of generic, cheap, store-bought pet food can lead to the development of allergies and sensitivities. These foods often contain fillers, cheap ingredients, and substances that can negatively impact their immune system and resistance to allergens. Always opt for high-quality, veterinarian-approved foods, or learn how to prepare your own at home.


Oral Health


What your pet eats has a huge impact on their oral health as well. Cheaper foods tend to be dryer and tougher on teeth, eventually leading to the development of periodontal disease. Better quality foods contain more of the nutrients and minerals necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.


Infection and Illness


There have been countless cases of contaminated foods and treats in the past couple of years. Careless manufacturing processes and lack of quality control has led to salmonella and other bacterial contaminations. Such conditions can make your pet extremely ill. A consistent, high quality diet will not only prevent such diseases and infections, but it will support a stronger immune system throughout the year.


Your pet’s diet is extremely important in regards to their overall health. While that cheap pet food may be easier on the wallet, you will only find yourself shelling out extra money in the long run to treat whatever problems it may cause.


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