7 Signs Your Dog Is Sick – Sick Dog Symptom Checker

Dog Symptoms

  • Dog symptoms are not actually that hard to read. Most people tend to have an idea that their best friend is sick right away. Here is a quick guide on how to tell what might be wrong with your furry friend:


  • Take a close look at your dogs coat. This is an easy visual clue to how your dog is feeling on the inside. A healthy dog’s coat will be shiny, which is an immediate indication of health. If your dog’s coat is duller than normal, this may be a sign that they are feeling ill. Excessive shedding is also a bad sign. Shedding will occur with the changing of season, but be aware of times when your dog sheds more than normal.

Activity Level

  • You know things are good when your dog gets up in the morning and follows you around. A warning sign is if you call them and they won’t get up or are slow to get up. Any drop in activity level could be an indication that your dog may not be feeling good.


  • Dogs have three eyelids. If you can plainly see their third eyelid it may be an early indication of a fever. Another quick indicator is bloodshot eyes. Check the clarity of the whites of your dogs eyes to determine if there are potential health issues.


  • You can actually use a digital thermometer to check your dogs temperature yourself at home. Dr Randall recommends using a digital thermometer and checking the dogs temperature for 30 seconds. A normal healthy temperature will be between 99-100. If your dog has a temperature high above or below this range it may be an indication that they are feeling sick.

Other Dog Symptoms To Check

Drinking Water

  • Too much or too little water intake can also be a sign of a problem. In addition to being a sign of stress in general, refusal to drink water is common among sick dogs, along with loss of appetite. Too much water could be a sign that they have a fever, kidney problem, or hormone issues. Along with many of the other dog symptoms on the list, extreme change in your dog’s behavior is worth looking into.


  • Dogs can vomit seemingly without reason sometimes. They actually have voluntary muscle fibers in their esophagus and will use them any time they think they may have eaten something bad. But, if your dog is vomiting excessively or vomiting blood, this is a good thing to seek help from a Veterinarian about.


  • The issue may be temporary so keep an eye on they for about 24 hours. If your dog has been limping for more than a day, it may be a sign of a problem. Dr. Randall believes that dog’s are slowing down and limping much earlier than they should be. A big reason for this is poor diet and poor joint and ligament condition. Consider giving your dog Flexpet, as a natural supplement to their joint health.

Dr David Randall author photoWritten by Dr David Randall, DVM
His father established the clinic in 1977 and the the younger Dr. Randall always knew that he would follow closely in his father’s footsteps. Dr. Randall graduated from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 and began his career at Big Cypress Animal Clinic.

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  1. My dog is a pitbull, she get stomach aches at once a week, won’t eat all day long, today she is just laying around & not eating , should I take her to vet? She is a cancer survivor .

    1. Yes, we do recommend taking your pet to the vet. It sounds like you’re describing a dog that is acting very out of character, and if she is not feeling well on top of that, we do recommend a trip to the vet. Hope she’s okay!

    2. I didn’t have a cancer survivor fur baby but I did have one that was so sinsituve to anything he ate so I gave him probiotics (dog kind or ppl kind) and it helped him so much. A lot of the times he wouldn’t eat because he hasn’t pooped and then it was kinda like magic once I let the meds kick in he was outside doing his business and then begging to come back in to eat. Hope it helps.

  2. I have 11 yr old cocker. Fleas for the 1st time ever. Shampooed, treated. Developed skintags and he’s chewing them off. Gave him some icecream and noticed blood in his mouth. Very worried.

  3. My 12 year old Bichon is going out frequently during the day. He never has accidents. The last two nights, he has had runny stools left in the family room by the door. Even though he has gone outside 3 times during the night. He cannot seem to get enough food. Does not seem more lethargic than usual. He has flatulence, which is not normal.

  4. He’s dead now he did 5 minutes ago. When I found him he was limp with water around his mouth be he was still trying to get up. I couldn’t bear to watch him but the vet’s wasn’t a choice because I had no way to get there. But I just want to know how he died he was fine yesterday.

  5. I did not know that too much or too little water intake could be a sign of a problem when it comes to your dog’s health. It is also good to know that one should pay attention to a dog’s appetite. My sister says that it is a good idea to visit the veterinarian’s office regularly to find small health problems when they arise and prevent the more major issues.

  6. I love with a friend who owns a female pittbull. She’s old. But the problem with them and get I’ve noticed is the dogs name is girl. Girl is ALWAYS sleepy. She will get up to go outside to use the bathroom. But u have to make her. And she always limps around when she walks sometimes to the point of tripping. Kind of like she miss steps or will trip herself but not intentionally. Not to mention her fur. It’s very dull and she sheds more than I’ve ever seen. They have wood floors. I clean the floors and Maybe 4hrs. Later no shit, u can see nothing but white hairs everywhere girl walks and lays. Its ridiculous. She also has a huge lump on the inside of her mouth it looks to be on her gum line. Maybe a cyst or something and i know it bothers the poor baby. It has to. And she doesn’t get up to drink too often but when she does drink its an entire full bowl of water at one sitting. The owners know she’s old. They refuse to put her down. But know that’s most likely what’s in her best interest. I’m scared for the poor baby because she can’t hold her bodily fluids for long. And the parents both work long hours art work. Thank God for me not working and always being home. I sometimes have to help her up out off her dog bed and help her get going towards the back door to use the potty. What sho u suggest i do?

  7. I have a small dog that recently is acting strange. He has been laying around and doesn’t eat much. Now he suddenly just burst out with these whinnying noticed ever so often. Which is worse I just lost two other dogs which were his parents for now reason. So I am worried that I’m about to loose him as well. Please help and say you have some idea what maybe wrong. Thank you. -Sarah-

  8. I have a 3 yr old shih tzu who was deemed perfectly healthy upon his check up 2 months ago. He went out to do his biz and when he came back in he started acting strange. I can’t find anything obvious such as a bite. He is stretching his neck back as if looking at the ceiling, seems restless and is making these noises not exactly what I’d call a whine and is sniffing a lot he’s breathing a little harder than normal but that could be that he hasn’t fully cooled down yet…

  9. hi my dog was alright this morning before i let her out now she is just lying around breathing heavy but she is on her period what could be wrong with her

  10. We took our dog to a kennel while on vacation. I picked her up yesterday. She’s not the same. Totally exhausted. No energy. Walking like she just wants to sleep. It’s been almost 24 hours since. Getting her and now I wonder if she has been poisoned or drugged. Please advise.

  11. My dog seems to be sleeping more than normal, and I am starting to wonder if she is sick. It is good to know that you know things are good when your dog gets up in the morning and follows you around. I am glad to know that a warning sign to watch for is if your dog will not get up or is slow to get up. We will pay a visit to the veterinarian soon, thanks.

  12. my dog has been straining to defficate and peeing in the house today…is this serious I’m calling the vet first thing tommrow.

  13. This morning my wasn’t her self . Usually she chases my little house dog around when I let her out she walked up to her but went back to her blanket. I left for the day came back she was throwing up and wouldn’t eat the peace of chicken I set out. What can be wrong I’m hoping she hasn’t been poisoned by someone she is a German shepherd mix I got her when she was a puppy in March I think she about 7 or 8 months old .

  14. It is Saturday pm. Dog goes out, poops normal, eats, sleeps well, but just lays around today. I was sick 2 days ago, vomit, diarrhea, chills, sweats. I bathed him yesterday. He sleeps with me. A few days ago for a couple of days, he drank more water.

  15. I went on vacation and left my dog with a dog sitter . I came back and she is very skinny almost like they haven’t fed her what can I do to get her to eat for me

  16. Hi Dr. , our purebred miniature dachshund “Fancy” is laying around whining a lot, the last few days … her peeing and pooping habits have not changed … yesterday and today, she would not eat her regular dry dogfood (my wife usually enhances it with a little gravy or a little egg yolk) … she will go to her dish and eat a few bites then she walks away … she done that a half dozen times or so yesterday and 2/3’s of yesterdays breakfast is still in her dish, this morning.

    She was born the second week of June 2016 and today is Nov, 18, 2017 … could she br coming into heat? Her 1st 2 heats seemed normal and she didn’t lay around whining constantly, like she is now, My wife says that her teets look a little bigger than usual ( I don’t see any difference) Her little woowoo doesn’t look enlarged and she’s not bleeding yet, Even when she’s sleeping she is groaning and whining, sometimes, not all the time! 🙁

    Is it possible she’s just going thru her hormonal changes b4 her next heat. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated 🙂

  17. Hello. I had a pit bull she was 11 months old. She was throwing up yellow acid looking stuff and she wouldn’t eat. She also didn’t have a bowel movement. All of these symptoms lasted 3 days. I woke up his morning and she had passed. Do y’all know what could have happened.

  18. I have a 1 1/2 yr old shih tzu female. She was a finicky eater but once we figured out what she liked she was eating fine. Recently she wants no part of food or eating. She has gone 4-5 days without eating., and when she does make an attempt she throws it up. I don’t know if I should worry cause someone told me that’s how shih thus are. Please advise on on wat I should do.

  19. My dog (Bentley) is only 5 is very hyper active and really smart. 3 days ago he got a chicken brown swallowed almost whole. The next he diarreed in the house. He also is attached to me and noticedhis eyes bigger. The weather is changing snow to 10 and back up to 70. .. I’ve been physically sick also depressed I want to see any possibilities alwAys had allergies has 1 tesricle and a limp favoring 1 foot downstairs … He gets healthy food a lot of attention spoiled

  20. My pitbull is 15 years old. This week she started not eating or drinking for 3 days. Last 2 days she will eat very little but does drink water. She seems fine 1 minute and they next won’t get up. I made her get up and going she has blood on her blanket. What do I do? Is she shutting down,? HELP

  21. Our Beagle mix is stretching a lot and is restless so we bring him outside where he acts perfectly normal. Is he playing us?

  22. My dog has had diarrhea and been pasing a lot of gas he’s about 20 months old I’m not exactly shure though because I found him but I’ve just kinda noticed he’s been panting and tounge out I am mainly a hypercondreax but I don’t think he is acting normal anyone have an idea I’m so worried for him he is my life and the awful thing is i have no money to take him to a vet and I pray to god he is fine

  23. My dog is still a puppy.
    Before he was always playful and eats normally..
    But now my dog quickly got thin,
    He would never eat or drink.
    He always walks weakly..
    He lays around always…
    What should I do?
    Is there anything I can do to help my puppy???

  24. My dog is 16 years old, he had been okay till like a couple of weeks ago. Now he doesn’t want to get out of bed, he hardly eats, he vomits alot, mostly liquid, he has pee accidents inside and he has what it seems orientation problems, he also walks unbalanced. I don’t want to put him through all that medical testing because of his age, I don’t know what else I can do to help him?

  25. I have a 9 1/2 yr. old dachshund he has backward sneezing, which I know how to take care of. He also would have gagging at times. About three weeks ago I noticed Mr. D started drinking more water than usual. A week ago he started coughing now he seems lethargic, sleeping more doesn’t want to move around, not even interested in his favorite toys. He always slept on my bed on his own pillow on the left side of the bed near the foot. So I know something is wrong because he’s sleeping on his bed in my closet. He only does that for a little while then he’s at my bedside wanting up. My bed sits high up off the floor so he isn’t able to get on it without help. But instead he’s sleeping in his bed & I’m not letting anyone bother him, once you touch him he starts coughing so I’m letting him sleep. I have an appointment with his vet on the 23rd. But is there anything I can do for him between now and then.

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