7 Different Ways To Exercise Your Dog

excerise_your_dog-568812-editedJust like humans, dogs need exercise to stay healthy, maintain an appropriate weight, avoid joint issues, and to tire them out when they are wound up. Exercise is beneficial for their minds and bodies, as well as for yours too. Taking your dog for walks may get repetitive for you and him, so having a variety of activities to do will keep things exciting and new for both of you. If your dog seem lethargic, is overweight, or uninterested in playtime, chances are he may need more exercise. To make sure your pup is staying active and getting appropriate exercise in all areas of his or her life, here’s 7 different ways you can exercise your dog. 


1. Nose work

Nose work is a type of training that engages a dog’s sense of smell and his natural instinct to hunt. This activity takes advantage of a dog’s innate scent capability. Start out simple and have your dog use its nose to find treats in hidden boxes. Then as they perfect that, you can make the tasks more challenging. Nose work is great physical activity because your dog will go bouncing from place to place searching for the treat, and it also develops your dog’s confidence and focus. 


2. Teach a new skill

Teaching new skills to your dog is the perfect way to exercise his or her brain. After your dog is no longer a puppy and has already learned basic obedience commands, cognitive challenges may start to drop off. Find the time to teach them a silly behavior like bowing or a high five, or even a more difficult behavior using hand skills, both will keep him engaged.


3. Group socialization

Socializing in groups is a healthy activity for the minds and bodies of dogs. The best way to exercise for any animal is for them to do an activity they would naturally do. Playing with other dogs allows them to participate in these natural activities. When dogs play in groups they create their own games and expend their extra energy in the ways they choose.


4. Fetch

A simple game of fetch can provide a whole day’s worth of exercise for your dog. Fetch is ideal if you’re a busy dog parent because you don’t have to travel to fit in this game, a backyard or a close park work great. Even on rainy days, fetch can be played indoors from the comfort of your couch; you just might need to substitute a ball for a stick.


5. Tracking

Even if your dog is not considered a tracking breed, he can still participate in the sport of tracking. You can even enter him into a tracking competition where a scent trail is laid out hours beforehand. Then once the trail has aged, dogs with encouragement from their owners, start the journey of finding an object at the end of the trail.


6. Running

Running is one of the most popular activities you can do with your dog. The best part about running with your dog is that both of you reap the benefits. Jogging alongside your furry friend allows you to strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina. Just keep in mind that when you’re running with your dog, it’s his run, not yours. Allow him to stop and sniff and greet other dogs and people. If you want to keep the pace up, be sure to designate some alone running time for yourself with Fido.


7. Follow the dog

This technique can spice up a normal boring walk. Instead of walking your dog, have the dog walk you. Think of her as a four-legged GPS that has no set destination. Let her nose be your guide, and see where she takes you. Warning: You might get stuck when they stop to sniff a flower here and there.


Exercising your dog doesn’t have to be the same old boring routine. We hope after adding some of these exercises into your dog walking schedule you and your pup can stay healthy, active, and mentally stimulated. If you’re looking for more ways to keep your dog healthy, a daily joint supplement might be your next step. Joint supplements aids joint health by lowering inflammation, reducing swelling, and supporting cartilage repair. For more info on Flexcin supplements, or to place an order, please visit our online store.

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