5 Weird Things your Pets Do and what they Mean

Despite how domesticated dogs and cats have become throughout the years, they still flat out do some weird things on occasion. Well, most of the weird behaviors have a purpose and can be explained.



Dogs chase their tails mostly when they are bored or feel neglected by family members. It is a way of both entertaining themselves and getting the attention of people or animals around them. If neglected enough, it can develop into an obsessive-compulsive behavior. If you see your dog chasing its tail, distract it with a game of fetch or a walk.


Gifted critters

Oftentimes, cats will bring a small animal into the home that it has hunted down and killed. The critter is simply a gift or offering from the cat. The same behavior can be noted in the wild when a cat has kittens to feed or take care of.


Excessive drooling

Some dog breeds are simply more prone to excessive drooling. Canines produce saliva for the same reasons as us. It is mostly a response to food, but can happen randomly depending on the breed.


Random Purring

You’ve probably noted that your cat purrs when it feels content, but cats will also purr in response to an injury or sickness. It is a means for self-calming, much like humans may use a mantra or mediation to overcome a difficult situation.


Sniffing every tree

When you take your dog for a walk, he may sniff every tree or blade of grass along the way before choosing the right place to relieve himself. A dog’s sense of smell is extremely powerful and they investigate who or what has been around that particular area beforehand. A dog will pee on the same spot as the dog before in order to ‘mark’ the area and cover other dogs’ scents.


What other weird behaviors have you observed your pet exhibiting? Chances are, there’s a scientific reason why they’re doing it.

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