5 Stress Relieving Activities For You and Your Pet

In a chaotic world, you can ground yourself with the beautiful things going on in your life. Be grateful that you have today, your family, shelter, water, and of course your pets! If you live with a dog or a cat, you probably do not need a scientific study to inform you what you probably already know – your pet makes you feel better.  The unconditional love our pets provide can be soothing and help us cope when everything else seems to be in disarray. So what are some stress-relieving activities you can do during these times?


Of course, the number one way to reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pooch is exercise. All of us including our dogs need exercise. Some breeds need more exercise than others. It is said that a tired dog is a happy dog. If you or your dog are feeling stressed and anxious, perhaps you both are not getting enough activity. Physical activities like walking or playing fetch help both you and your dog release tension. When we exercise we produce endorphins – natural pain killers. Exercising regularly also improves the ability to sleep. And proper sleep is very important for both mental and physical health.


Who doesn’t love a good tension relieving muscle rub? Every dog loves a good relaxing massage to ease knotted muscles and loosen up the joints. Massage therapy relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces painful contractions and spasms. Massage can also help reduce pinched nerves. When muscles are contracted and tight, they sometimes compress the nerves around them, resulting in nerve pain. According to petMD, some locations on a dog’s or cat’s body such as the feet, the ears, and the top of the head, are natural pressure points. As little as 15 minutes of massage will make a world of difference for your pet’s stress level.

Mental Stimulation

Some breeds of dogs were bred to work. And, without mental stimulation or a job to do these dogs get very stressed. Activities and games that challenge your dog help both of you to live in the present and get a break from worries and anxiety. Set some time to teach a new trick or skill. Work on some agility training. You could even try hiding treats to hone your pup’s hunting skills. There are toys and balls that have treat compartments that make your dog work for their reward. These can be entertaining and delightful to watch, while at the same time giving your dog a rewarding job to do.

Avoiding Stress Triggers

Make sure while you are cooped up you set aside time to turn off the TV, stop watching the news, and take a break from endlessly scrolling social media. These activities can be stress triggers that heighten stress and anxiety. And, an easy way to keep your pet free from stress is to avoid putting him or her in situations that cause distress. When you know your dog’s stress triggers, you can prepare for these types of situations ahead of time, By understanding these situations, you will know the best ways to help your dog in stressful situations. There are also supplements that will help, too. Such as a hemp oil treat, that will keep your pet calm and relaxed.

Make Treats Together

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? There are plenty of easy to make homemade recipes for pet treats online, such as these homemade peanut butter dog treats. With just four common ingredients, this is an easy way to relax in the kitchen and create a tasty treat your dog will love. Here is a link to a list of recipes for 25 different simple dog treats that have five ingredients or less. While you are at it – put on some relaxing classical music to calm your mind, and soothe your beast.

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